5 Benefits of Living in an Active Adult Community

5 Benefits of Living in an Active Adult Community

5 Benefits of Living in an Active Adult Community

You’re retired, or close to it. If you have children, they no longer live with you. You’re at least in your fifties, are feeling fabulous, and you’re active. All of those bedrooms in your home – you no longer need every single one. Downsizing and re-locating has been on your mind a lot lately. If you can relate, you’re a candidate for an active adult community. Many of these types of communities offer a plethora of benefits.

Benefits of Living in an Active Adult Community

  • Amenities galore. How does a clubhouse with fitness center plus washer and dryer right in your apartment (that has a balcony) sound to you? Many communities will offer these types of amenities in addition to others.
  • New friends. Typically, residents of active adult communities must be at least 55 years of age or older to qualify for residency. Many residents who reside in active adult communities, find that they have a lot in common, being in the same life stage. They make like quiet – you may like quiet. You may be a grandparent – they may be a grandparent. In this type of community, it’s easy to make new like-minded friends.
  • Minimal or no maintenance. You don’t need us to tell you – as a homeowner, there are a lot of responsibilities. If something breaks you can’t just call your landlord to fix it. When you live in apartment rental, you can. In addition, your lawn is taken care of for you, your snow is shoveled, and your leaves are raked (in many active adult communities). Not to mention, there are no unexpected expenses as far as your rental goes.
  • Easy access to entertainment, such as:
    • Clubrooms with community activities run specifically for residents.
    • Easy access to entertainment offsite.
  • The perfect amount of space you need. If you’re looking to downsize, an active adult community can be the perfect alternative to a large home or apartment. At Garden Communities, our Woodcrest at Clark Community offers one and two bedroom options.


While active adult communities are certainly not for everyone, they are a housing option to consider if you’re at minimum, in your mid to late 50s.

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