What To Ask Before You Rent

What To Ask Before You Rent

Choosing a new apartment can be an exciting process. When you are looking at different apartments to see which is best for you, there are a few variables you might want to think about before you jump right in.

Here are a few simple questions that could save you a lot of time and money in the long run:

What To Ask Before You Rent


  • How long is your commute going to be? Remember long commutes can be stressful and sometimes not worth the few dollars you could save by moving further away.
  • How close is the apartment to major highways or public transportation stations? If you frequently use the highway, buses, or trains to travel, having your apartment be near these amenities can be a huge benefit.
  • Where are the other nearby facilities that you will be frequenting? Think about how easy it is to get to a grocery store, drugstore, or convenience store. How close is the nearest hospital or Fire station in case of an emergency?
  • What are the noise levels like in your surrounding area? Do you get residual noise from a nearby highway or even airport?
  • What is your cell phone service like in the apartment? Yes, we all know “dead zones” do exist!
  • How many electrical outlets are in the apartment?
  • Where will you be parking? Is it included in your rent or a separate fee? At Garden Communities many of our apartments have garages, covered parking, and other parking options available
  • How is maintenance handled at your apartment complex? At Garden Communities, Non-Emergency Maintenance Service Requests can be quickly and easily submitted directly to your maintenance department by using the 24-hour on-line Service Request Form accessible on your community page through the Resident Login. We also have you covered by offering onsite maintenance staff and 24hour emergency maintenance services.
  • When is rent due? How much is rent with utilities? When do late fees occur? Also, can you pay your rent online? At Garden Communities, we offer you the feature to easily pay your rent online, which is accessible on your community page through the Resident Login. At Garden Communities, many of our properties include heat, hot water, sewer, water, garbage and much more. Be sure to check what’s included as each property is different.
  • My pet is my best friend – Can I bring my pet as well? Garden Communities has several apartment rental properties throughout NJ that welcome apartment appropriate pets, restrictions vary by community. Please contact the specific leasing office for details. Here is a list of NJ pet friendly apartments.

Now that you know what to ask before you rent, check out our post on understanding your apartment lease.

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