Why Renters Insurance Is A Must-Have

Why Renters Insurance is a Must Have

You’ve moved into your perfect apartment and set up your furniture and collectibles and electronics just the way you like them.  Now take a second look – and imagine what it would cost to replace or repair your possessions if, because of some accident, catastrophe or natural disaster, they were damaged or destroyed.

Don’t think your belongings are worth that much?  Experts estimate the contents of a home could be valued from $20,000 up to $60,000.  That’s a major expense – and certainly worth covering with relatively low-cost renters insurance for personal property coverage.

Need another reason?  Renter Insurance also provides personal liability protection for damage from accidents that happen at your apartment, whether it’s a fall, a fire, or an overflowing tub.

Here’s why Renters Insurance is Must Have:

Protect Your Investments. Renters Insurance coversyour clothing, furniture, electronic equipment, appliances, books, business items and more

Covered Against Damage:Renters Insurance covers you against loss from fire, storms, smoke, vandalism and even plumbing leaks.

Covered Against Theft:  Renters Insurance can also protect you if your property is stolen – in your apartment or at other locations especially when traveling.

Covered For Emergency Housing Expenses: If damage forces you out of your apartment, Renters Insurance can pay part of the cost of living expenses (hotel, meals, laundry, etc.) during repairs.

Covered Against Liability: Accidents happen, and unfortunately, so do lawsuits.  Renters Insurance can cover your legal costs and damages when injury or property damage:

  • occurs in your apartment
  • is caused by your personal activities, including most sports
  • is caused by your children or pets

Covered with Peace of Mind: You’ll relax easier in your apartment, knowing you’re protected against theft, loss and liability for less than $1 a day.  And seeing you comfortable in your own home is what we’re all about.

Don’t forget the add-ons: There are many low cost add-ons you can include that are generally not in the basic renter insurance package.  We highly recommend the water back up for sewers or drains add-on. Most policies exclude or restrict water damage caused by the backup of sewers or drains. This important add-on can be added for pennies a day.

Garden Communities has made it easy for you to secure Renters Insurance at an affordable price. We have partnered with Effective Coverage to assist in creating a renters insurance policy right for you. Click here for more information.