How to Save Money With Your Apartment Rental

How to Save Money With Your Apartment Rental

Wouldn’t it be great if we all could have disposable income? We can dream, can’t we? Since that’s not likely the case, many can benefit from saving even just a few dollars each month. You don’t have to spend big bucks on your apartment rental to enjoy it. Here are a few ideas and suggestions for how you can cut costs.


First, the obvious, keep your utility costs as low as possible. In the winter – does your apartment really need to be as hot as a sauna? And in the summer – does your air conditioner need to be on 24/7? Start cutting costs by saving energy, with our Energy Saving Tips for Apartment Renters.


Next, a big one that can save you some serious cash – if you can, get a roommate (or two). While living with others is not for everyone, it’s a foolproof way to cut your rent and utility expenses in half (or even more). If you’re not sure where to find a roommate, we recommend starting by asking friends and co-workers. If they themselves are not in need of a roommate, they may know someone who is. If you’re okay with diving into the online world in your roommate search, try or, but always be cautious. You could also check out,, and attend networking events. Your new roommate just may be one dinner party away!


Our third tip is to be a smart spender when it comes to furnishing your apartment. You’d be surprised what you could find at a garage sale, flea market, thrift shop, Walmart, Ikea, and the Christmas Tree Shops. Sometimes all an old dresser from a garage sale needs is a fresh coat of paint and an hour later, you’ll have a nice set of drawers without being in credit card debt.


Kick cable to the curb. At the low end, basic cable in New Jersey typically goes for around $15, while at the high end, you’re looking at $100+ per month. If you think you can survive without hundreds of channels (or any for that matter), kick cable to the curb. There are plenty of websites such as,, and that offer free online streaming of TV shows and sometimes even movies. Netflix is another great alternative to cable. ­


Only buy what you need at grocery stores and other stores and look for sales. According to, the average American family of four wastes between $1,350 and $2,275 a year in food. We believe it! Just think about how much food you throw out when you clean out your refrigerator or pantry. You can cut how much you spend on food by purchasing items that are on sale and only buying what you absolutely need.


If the current apartment rental you reside in is too expensive, check out our apartment rentals for one that better suites your budget. We have nearly 100 properties throughout New Jersey.

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