24 Signs that You’re from New Jersey

There is no other state like New Jersey. No other state has a combination of big cities, a major mountain range, 130 miles of beaches, more than 10,000 farms, historical landmarks and cultural centers – all within a two hour radius.

No other state seems to have as many reality shows based in it than New Jersey. As a result, no other state is as misunderstood as New Jersey. For example, New Jersey has a reputation for congested roads, yet it has more horses than Kentucky, 730,000 acres of farmland, and the world’s longest boardwalk in Atlantic City.

It’s a place that you can only understand and truly appreciate if you live there. Here are 24 tell-tale signs that you’re from New Jersey (and that you’re proud of it):

  1. You live within one hour of beaches, mountains, farms, a major city and at least three malls.
  2. You know New York City looks better from New Jersey.
  3. You eat pork roll, not Taylor ham.
  4. You ask, “What exit?” instead of, “Where do you live?”
  5. You’ve had coffee from Wawa.
  6. You go to Great Adventure, not Six Flags.
  7. You don’t go to the shore. You go down the shore – unless you’re from the Jersey Shore. Then you go to the beach.
  8. You know the difference between boardwalk pizza and every other pizza on the planet.
  9. You’ve eaten at a minimum of 20 diners, and at least three of them have shiny metal exteriors.
  10. You know the Statue of Liberty is in New Jersey and you’ve climbed to the top.
  11. You get mad whenever you watch a sporting event from MetLife Stadium and the announcer says, “Welcome to New York!”
  12. You know New Jersey’s nickname, the Garden State, is appropriate and not a practical joke.
  13. You get offered free rooms at most Atlantic City casinos.
  14. You know what jug handles are. And you hate them.
  15. You know how to properly make your way through a circle. And you hate them even more.
  16. You know the previous two statements involve driving, but you wish they didn’t.
  17. You despise any driver behind the wheel of a car that doesn’t have New Jersey license plates.
  18. You know most of the people in the TV show “Jersey Shore” are not from the Jersey Shore.
  19. You know where a Piney lives. And you don’t go there – unless you’re a fellow Piney.
  20. You know what the Jersey Devil looks like even though you’ve never seen it, and you know where it lives. (Hint: Next door to a Piney)
  21. You’ve been to at least two of the places shown during the opening theme of “The Sopranos.”
  22. You’ve been to at least one Bruce Springsteen or Bon Jovi concert, and you know somebody who has met Bruce or Jon.
  23. You don’t know how to pump gas. But you complain when someone doesn’t pump fast enough.
  24. You’ve never said “Joisey.” Ever.