10 Things You Can Do To Say Goodbye To Winter And Welcome To Spring

10 Things You Can Do To Say Goodbye To Winter And Welcome To Spring

After a winter where the polar vortex loomed over us like a shadow, it’s finally time to shake off those winter blues and get ready for spring and the warmer days that come with it. Here are some ways that you can get your place into spring-worthy shape.Step Into Spring

1) Put Some Flowers In Your Place

Putting fresh flowers around your apartment is a simple solution to making your apartment have a more energetic and lively atmosphere. Coupling bright, colorful flowers with an equally colorful vase will brighten up the room ten-fold.


2) Change Up Your Sheets

With the change in temperature comes the time to change your bed linen. By switching up your warming flannel sheets for more lighter and brighter linens, you will instantaneously feel the ambience in your bedroom become cheerier.


3) Organization Is Key To Your Closet And Wardrobe

By now, I’m sure that you are sick of wearing big puffy jackets and snow boots every day and are looking for putting on much more confortable clothes so why wait? Get head start by digging out your spring wardrobe and slowly work it into your regular clothes rotation. Wearing clothes that are more-suited for spring will help speed up the feeling of spring in you.


4) Find Your Springtime Feng Shui

Another way that you can bring the spring into your apartment is by changing up the layout of your apartment. Rearranging your furniture and other home décor will change up your outlook for the new season.


5) Start An Indoor Garden

Nothing will quite get your apartment ready for spring like planting a small indoor garden. Herbs like rosemary and flowers like geraniums are easy to grow and will bring the vibe and smell of spring to your place.


6) The Old Standby: Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning has been around forever for a reason; the warming temperatures give you the energy to take care of things that you’ve been putting off all winter. Just by opening the windows and the blinds will bring a refreshing feeling to your apartment after a winter spent bundled up. Let this refreshing feeling be your driving force as you now clean the rest of your apartment.


7) Get Rid Of The Winter Clutter

Now that you’ve done your whirlwind spring cleaning spree, now you have to get rid of all the extra, unnecessary stuff you’ve acclimated all winter. By either selling it, donating it to charity or just getting rid of unneeded stuff with have a positive impact on your mood.


8) Get A Haircut

During the winter, how your hair looks is probably the least of your worries since you probably just put on a hat every day in order to stay warm, just like every one else so your hair, just like your apartment, needs to be spruced up. Something as simple as a haircut will do wondering for getting out of the winter funk.


Spruce Up Your Diet9) Spruce Up Your Diet

The cold winter months lead for a heartier diet, full of heavy, rich and somewhat unhealthy foods. By going through your refrigerator and cupboards and getting rid of these things and replace them with much more vibrant, colorful and lighter foods will further the springtime feeling growing.


10) There’s No Better Way To Get Into Spring By Getting Into Spring

Not that you’ve gotten into the springtime spirit both physically and mentally; it’s time to go out and enjoy it. Plan a picnic, go on a bike ride, toss a frisbee around, anything and everything that can be done outdoors, go out and do. Being cooped up all those months evading the cold leaves a person with a whole heaping bunch of pent-up energy so go out and burn it off, it will be nothing but good for you.


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