Top Towns in NJ For Foodies

When you think of New Jersey, the top three things that may come to your mind are New York City, the Jersey Shore, and the Garden State. Even though we might be the “toll booth capital of the world” we are still a gorgeous state with a full 22% of the state dedicated to the Pine Barrens where the forest is pretty much unpopulated. As for the Jersey Shore, there is actually 127 miles of beach to choose from and enjoying NYC is a hop skip and jump over the Hudson River (or underneath which is preferable.) But what about our other amazing asset: the food! New Jersey offers some of the most diverse and delicious food in the U.S. Check out or list of top towns for foodies in NJ.

  1. Montclair
  2. Best Places to Eat: Montclair, New Jersey
    Source: Instagram, @ashleyrich11

    Montclair is home to some of New Jersey’s best restaurants. In fact, some of NYC’s finest chefs have made Montclair’s food scene skyrocket.

  3. Jersey City
  4. Best Places to Eat: Jersey City
    Source: Instagram, @thirtyacres

    We know that Jersey City was still an up-and-coming area 15 years ago but today it is a hodgepodge of young professionals. With the influx of Millennials, chefs are ditching the rising rents in NYC to join the growing food scene in JC.

  5. Hoboken
  6. Best Places to Eat: Hoboken, New Jersey
    Source: Instagram, @ssiskar

    Named one of the top towns for foodies, Hoboken offers a wide array to please every palette. Don’t forget to grab a cannoli from Carlo’s Bakery!

  7. Asbury Park
  8. Best Places to Eat: Asbury Park, New Jersey
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    Asbury Park is home to the Boss and The Stone Pony. And more recently, some amazing places to eat. Korean fusion, French dishes and amazing vegan options are just some of the surplus of options for every foodie.

  9. New Brunswick
  10. Best Places to Eat: New Brunswick, New Jersey

    We know what you’re thinking; this is just a college town with a great football team. However, you will be pleasantly surprised to find out that in New Brunswick, you are going to enjoy some fabulous food including what some say is the best kielbasa outside of Eastern Europe.

  11. Atlantic City
  12. Best Places to Eat: Atlantic City, New Jersey
    Source: Instagram, @old_i23

    There is so much more to Atlantic City than gambling. And mainly that is the food. So many famous chefs have opened restaurants here including Bobby Flay and Wolfgang Puck. There are some hidden gems here such as Chef Vola’s where you will be hard-pressed to get a reservation or stumble upon it, as the restaurant has no sign.

  13. Princeton
  14. Best Places to Eat: Princeton, New Jersey

    When you think of Princeton, the first thing that probably comes to mind is Princeton University. However, those smarty pants have to eat too and boy, do they eat good. There are some really enticing restaurants in Princeton including Mistral; the Brooklyn inspired foodie paradise from Scott Anderson.

  15. Newark
  16. Best Places to Eat: Newark, New Jersey
    Source: Instagram, @jpichardo1

    If you are looking for authentic Portuguese, Spanish or Brazilian food look no farther than Newark’s Ironbound district. Right near the Path station, you will have tons of options so make sure to come hungry.

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