14 Reasons We Love NJ

14 Reasons We Love NJ

14 Reasons We Love NJ

We are proud to say we are from New Jersey!

We have the best beaches.

New Jersey Beaches
Source: Instagram, @oceancitysun

We aren’t called the Garden State by mistake.

NJ: The Garden State
Source: Amazon
And no, we don’t mean the movie with Zach Braff.


We have Wawa.

Wawa is the Best!
Source: Instagram
It’s a way of life!

We have real diners.

Nothing better than an NJ Diner
Source: flickr
Because when we want pancakes at 4 am, we can get ‘em. And they’re delicious!


We don’t pump our own gas.

NJ Does NOT Pump Their Own Gas
Source: etsy
And no we don’t plan on anytime soon.

We grow the best tomatoes.

NJ Tomatoes, Yum!
Source: Instagram
You’re salivating now aren’t you?


We make the best pizza.

Source: imgur
Just one slice? Yeah right!

We have Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi.

Bruce Springsteen & Jon Bon Jovi are from NJ
Source: usmagazine.com

Bruce isn’t called the boss for nothing.


We are within driving distance
of New York City and Philadelphia.

NYC and PA
Source: Instagram, @allygata

And we get the great views of both city skylines.

We get to experience all four seasons.

The Seasons in NJ
Source: flickr
Snow? Hurricanes? We can handle it all.


We go out in Hoboken.

Hoboken Bar Scene
Source: nj.com
Where they held the title of Most Bars Per Square Mile.

We have our own devil.

New Jersey Devil
Source: dailyrecord.com
Does your state have its own devil?


We have Six Flags Great Adventure.

Six Flags Great Adventure
Source: Instagram
With some of the best coasters out there!

We have Jersey pride!

New Jersey Pride
Source: etsy

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