14 Reasons We Love NJ

We are proud to say we are from New Jersey!

We have the best beaches.

New Jersey Beaches
Source: Instagram, @oceancitysun

We aren’t called the Garden State by mistake.

NJ: The Garden State
Source: Amazon
And no, we don’t mean the movie with Zach Braff.


We have Wawa.

Wawa is the Best!
Source: Instagram
It’s a way of life!

We have real diners.

Nothing better than an NJ Diner
Source: flickr
Because when we want pancakes at 4 am, we can get ‘em. And they’re delicious!


We don’t pump our own gas.

NJ Does NOT Pump Their Own Gas
Source: etsy
And no we don’t plan on anytime soon.

We grow the best tomatoes.

NJ Tomatoes, Yum!
Source: Instagram
You’re salivating now aren’t you?


We make the best pizza.

Source: imgur
Just one slice? Yeah right!

We have Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi.

Bruce Springsteen & Jon Bon Jovi are from NJ
Source: usmagazine.com

Bruce isn’t called the boss for nothing.


We are within driving distance
of New York City and Philadelphia.

NYC and PA
Source: Instagram, @allygata

And we get the great views of both city skylines.

We get to experience all four seasons.

The Seasons in NJ
Source: flickr
Snow? Hurricanes? We can handle it all.


We go out in Hoboken.

Hoboken Bar Scene
Source: nj.com
Where they held the title of Most Bars Per Square Mile.

We have our own devil.

New Jersey Devil
Source: dailyrecord.com
Does your state have its own devil?


We have Six Flags Great Adventure.

Six Flags Great Adventure
Source: Instagram
With some of the best coasters out there!

We have Jersey pride!

New Jersey Pride
Source: etsy

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