Electric Car Charging Stations Installed at Fair Lawn Promenade

Electric Charging Stations at Fair Lawn Promenade Apartments

With the growing need to reduce our carbon footprint, Garden Communities has taken a giant step toward going green in their new community, Fair Lawn Promenade in Fair Lawn, New Jersey. Two electric vehicle-charging stations have recently been installed inside the new development.

As the amount of electric vehicles on the road rises, there is an increasing need for publicly accessible charging stations.

Did you know that with an electric vehicle you could get up to 120 miles per gallon? If you fill your car up at $3.65 a gallon with gasoline but if you use an electric car, it’s about $1.14 per electric gallon.

At Fair Lawn Promenade, we want to support everyone that has chosen an electric vehicle. Therefore, our electric vehicle charging station is available not only to residents, but to any visitors to the residences, shops or restaurants. The charging stations are conveniently located and only accept credit cards.

“We are making a very conscious effort across many of our properties to be more environmentally friendly. We take this very seriously. Our current efforts include LEED certifications, replacing lighting with energy efficient bulbs and much more. The addition of the electric charging stations at Fair Lawn Promenade is another step in that direction”, said Scott Loventhal, Director of Development for Garden Homes

Electric CarsAre you going to use the new electric vehicle charging stations? Would you like to see them placed in additional Garden Communities properties? Share your thoughts on our Facebook page.