Securing Your Security Deposit

I’ve had many residents from our New Jersey apartment rentals ask about some steps they can take to get their security deposit back on their rental. It’s important that you check your lease for the most accurate details, as certain communities will have specific guidelines that may be different from others. Here are a few pointers that I think you may find useful, no matter which community you reside in.

Moving In To Your Apartment Rental

Moving In

Take Photos When You Move In

Not only will you want to share photos of your new apartment with friends on Facebook or Instagram, but you will also want to know what the apartment looked like when you first moved in.  Keep these pictures handy for when you’re ready to move out. These pictures can also come in handy should a natural disaster hit your area and cause damage within your apartment, giving you proper proof for a claim with your <strong “>renters insurance.

Pay Close Attention to What Doesn’t Work

Most likely, you will be given a piece of paper asking you to state the condition of the appliances, walls, and overall condition of your apartment rental. Make sure that all toilets flush, and that all outlets will power your appliances. This is your chance to get something fixed without you being responsible for payment.

Have Your Landlord Put Your Security Deposit into a Checking Account

The best way to ensure that you will get your security deposit back, is by ensuring with your landlord that he or she has a bank account to put your deposit in. This will not only be a safe place for your deposit to live, but can also allow your deposit to gain interest while you’re living in your apartment rental.

During Your Stay

During Your Stay
Stay On Top of Minor Repairs

Even if it is just a leaky faucet, worrying about the little things within your apartment can pay off in the future and prevent major issues from happening.

All Garden Communities residents can go to their community resident page and submit a Service Request ticket to have someone investigate and fix their issue.

A Clean Apartment is a Happy Apartment!

Cleaning your apartment on a regular basis is one of the simplest ways to ensure that you will secure your security deposit. You can do your cleaning in a breeze no matter what time of year, and stay on top of any issues you discover while you are cleaning.

Moving Out

Moving Out
Give Yourself Time

Giving your landlord some time before leaving your apartment will help save stress on both ends, and will allow for you to clearly know what you need to do before leaving your apartment rental.  Check your lease to find out how much time you should give before letting your landlord know you are moving out. This will give him or her enough time to process your request. You may also want to start prepping for your move before you hand in your notice so you are not left packing until the last minute.

Do a Final Walkthrough With Your Landlord

Make sure you walkthrough the apartment with your landlord one last time before leaving your rental. This will allow you to answer any questions management may have about the condition of appliances or any issues that arise, and are easier to deal with in person, rather than over the phone or e-mail.

If There Is Damage, Know The Extent of It.

Be honest with your landlord and management. It’s important to know the extent of damage so that way you are not incurred with extra charges if something that isn’t a huge deal turns into something big.

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