Things You Should Know Before Moving Into A Pet-Friendly Apartment

Finding a pet-friendly apartment doesn’t have to be complicated. Every apartment has different rules when it comes to pets. Here are a few things you should know or ask about when finding pet friendly apartments for rent for you and your best canine (or feline) companion.

Pet Friendliness

It’s not clear whether or not the apartment is pet-friendly.

This is the first sign that you should look for. If you come across an apartment you love but it does not say anything about pets, call and ask. There are other details that go deeper into the pet policy but this is what you should look for before anything else..

Ask About Restrictions

Some apartments may set restrictions based on your pet’s age, weight or breed.  Before you more forward on the apartment, check what their policy is. If it is not listed on their website, call the office or stop by.

Make a pet resume.

In a way, you and your pet are “interviewing” for a new place to call home. Why not make the best impression you can? The resume can list the regular veterinary care, which shows that your pet is up-to-date on all shots and it also proves that you are a responsible owner. If your pet went to obedience school, documentation like that is always great to show.

Inquire about extra fees/deposits.

Take note that some apartment communities charge an additional security deposit for pets. This is for them to make sure they are covered in case there are any damages caused by your pet or if the space needs additional cleaning. Other apartments may even charge extra fees per month. Add this into your costs for rent each month before signing a lease. Check with the community you’re thinking of moving in to find out what the exact charges may be.

Find a Community with Pet Amenities Nearby

Pets need to be kept active. Your dog will be looking for open spaces where they can play and meet other dogs. Ask the prospective community if they have a designated area to walk your dog. Also, check with the municipality you are looking to live in to see what pet-friendly parks are located nearby. You’ll also want to research nearby vets so you know who you can go to before any emergencies happen.

If you live on your own, having a pet companion is an ideal choice. However, if you do choose to move to a pet-friendly apartment rental, make sure that you have a nearby resource to help you take care of your furry friend if you must be gone on business or vacation for an extended period. Check local and reputable pet sitters, kennels and even vets. Make sure you have that special someone to care for your special friend.


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