Apartment Trick-or-Treating: Tips for Halloween Fun

As if our kids needed an excuse to eat more candy, Halloween is upon us once again. Did you know that approximately 90 percent of American children between the ages of five and 13 go trick-or-treating every year? That’s a lot of cavities and costumes if you ask me.

In apartment rentals, it’s actually easier to keep track of your children because you are in an inclusive space that you know well. Since we can’t keep the kids from going door to door in search of sugary delight, follow a few of our tips to keep your Halloween a little more “spooktacular” this year.

Your Children Could Get More Candy

Since apartments tend to be densely populated, your child could receive more candy than those who trick-or-treat in developments. For communities that feature indoor corridors, such as Oakes Pond at Bloomfield, you won’t have to worry about cold weather and your kids having to cover up that $100 costume with a jacket. Also, there is less of a chance of your child running into a crowded street. Just don’t trick your kids and tell them you ate their Halloween candy.

Decorate Your Front Door

Decorate Your Door
Let trick-or-treaters know that you’re offering treats by hanging up Halloween decorations on your door. You can also create a sign stating what hours trick-or-treaters are welcome. Check with your community to see if there are specific times set for trick-or-treating and to see if you are a part of the route.

Keep Pets Away From Your Door

Keep Pets Away from the Door

For those of you in pet-friendly communities, keep in mind that not everyone is a dog or a cat person. Although most people love to see pets in costumes, some children might have a fear of cats or dogs. Make sure that your pets are under control and won’t leave your apartment to greet timid trick-or-treaters. Also, maybe your fur-ever friend is scared of ghosts, better safe than sorry.

Keep Safety In Mind

No matter the age of your children, it’s important that they are safe on Halloween. Ensure that younger children are supervised by an adult at all times and know how to get home from any area within your community. We suggest putting your phone number on the younger kids in case they lose their guardian.

For older children, let them know which doors they should not knock on and set a time for them to come home by. Giving them a cell phone to keep in touch is also a good idea.

No matter what age your child is, check his or her bag to ensure that each piece of candy is wrapped and has not been opened.

From all of us at Garden Communities, we hope you have a safe and happy Halloween!