Tips for an Easier Moving Experience

Time to Move? Here’s What You Should Do.

It’s moving time, which means it’s also time for a lot of planning, preparations, and packing. While moving should be a time for celebration and excitement, the thrill of the move is often overshadowed by all of the work that goes into actually making the transition. Don’t let your move stress you out. Simply follow our tips for an easier moving experience, and get excited for your new journey!


Apartment floor plan

First and foremost, you must plan your move. Be sure you have a new space lined up and a new lease signed before your current lease expires. Start your search by finding amenities you are looking for. If fitness center access is important, ensure your next apartment has one. If you’re looking for a pet-friendly apartment, make sure they can move with you and discuss any additional pet fees you may be responsible for with your new landlord prior to signing your lease.

Decide Whether or Not You’re Going to Hire Movers

Moving van on highway

Next, it is time to book a moving van or recruit a truck or van and some friends to help with the move. Set the date and make sure that your moving team is able to arrive on time on moving day. Depending on the size of your moving van and the amount of possessions and furniture you own, you may have to take more than one trip. Measure your furniture and do your best to utilize a moving truck that will accommodate all of your items. If that’s not possible, be sure to reserve your van for additional time, so you don’t pay extra fees for keeping it past your booking time.

If you’re planning on getting help from friends or family, give them plenty of notice and the date you’re planning on moving in. If you can, see if they can come another day to help you clean your apartment. Award them with some pizza or dinner after they’re done helping you out.

Update Your Billing & Shipping Addresses

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Once you have your moving date set, it is time to begin your other preparations. Contact your utility providers, banks, credit card companies, and other regular vendors to update your address and/or transfer your services. Now is also a good time to stop by the post office and fill out your change of address card to ensure your mail is forwarded from moving day onward. You may also want to (or may be required to) purchase renter’s insurance. Speak to friends and family for insurance agent recommendations and choose a plan that’s affordable for you.

Once you have your personal matters handled, you can begin to sort through your belongings to determine which items you will be taking with you, what items can be discarded and which items you might be able to sell or donate prior to your move. Moving time is the optimal time to purge unwanted, unused, damaged or broken items, so take this opportunity to do a clean sweep of everything you no longer need. If you have the time, organize a garage sale and turn those unwanted items into cash you can use to offset the costs of your move.


Packing supplies with box

Finally, it is time to begin the daunting task of packing everything up for your big move. Packing your belongings really doesn’t have to be a drag if you are organized and plan ahead. If you have ample time before your move, try to space out your packing, so you can devote just a few minutes each day to the task. This will prevent you from feeling overwhelmed or rushed as moving day approaches.

Pack one room at a time to keep like items together, and pack each item carefully to prevent breakage, using packing materials, tape and other packing supplies to protect your items. Also, be sure to label each box as completely as possible. This will help you and your moving team to be more efficient come moving day.

If you follow our tips for an easier moving experience, you are sure to have your smoothest move yet. Still searching for an apartment to rent? Be sure to check out New Jersey’s top apartment communities today!