Learn About Electric Car Charging Stations at Fair Lawn Promenade

Electric Cars at Fair Lawn

At the Fair Lawn Promenade apartment community, charging stations have been installed for renters who drive electric cars. This has been done in an ongoing effort to reduce the overall carbon footprint here at Garden Communities. Continue reading to learn more about electric cars, and see why it is important to support the people who currently use them.

Everything You Need to Know

Charging Electric Car

If you are interested in purchasing an electric car, here are some things you should know. Rather than using fossil fuels, electric cars are fueled by electricity obtained from specific charging stations. The gasoline engine is replaced with an electric motor, which is powered by the energy you get from the charging stations.

There are three types of charging that can be done in North America: Level 1, Level 2, and DC fast charging. Level 1 (120-volt) charges are slow and ideal for smaller batteries, while Level 2 (240-volt) charges are faster, and are best for cars with larger batteries. DC fast charging is the most powerful, but it is typically reserved for public sites, and cannot be set up for use at a regular household, unlike the first two.

With more people opting to drive electric cars, the need for public charging stations has increased dramatically. This is the primary reason behind our decision to include them at our Fair Lawn Promenade community.

Benefits of Electric Cars

One of the reasons people prefer using electric cars is because they significantly reduce fuel costs. Gas prices are constantly fluctuating, so it can be very difficult to refuel gas-powered cars at a reasonable price. Not only does it cost less to recharge an electric car, the price to do so is much more stable since demand is not as high. Therefore, drivers of electric vehicles save money overall.

In addition, electric cars are significantly more helpful to the environment than ones that use fossil fuels. Electric cars do not emit carbon dioxide like other gas-powered vehicles, so they help prevent the atmosphere from being damaged. In addition, the batteries in electric cars can be recycled, so they can help reduce your overall carbon footprint.

About Our Charging Stations

Currently, two charging stations have been installed at the Fair Lawn Promenade property. These stations only accept credit cards at the moment, so please keep this in mind before you attempt to charge your car.

The staff at Garden Communities is adamant about supporting drivers of electric cars, so these charging stations are not restricted to just residents of this community. Anyone who is visiting friends or stopping at a local restaurant may also take advantage of the charging stations.

Through these efforts, we can reduce our carbon footprint, and give back to the environment. Contact us today if you would like to see these charging stations extend to our other communities.

Are you an electric car driver looking for an apartment to rent? Then consider moving into Fair Lawn Promenade today.