About Morris County, NJ: Check Out Some Local Facts & Information

Everything You Need to Know About Morris County, NJ

Located about 30 miles from New York, Morris County is one of the fastest-growing counties in New Jersey. Several successful businesses reside here, making this one of the most financially successful areas in the state. The region’s large selection of restaurants and local attractions also make it a popular place for anyone raising a family— But there is so much more that this location has to offer!

Take some time to learn about the county’s history, and learn about some points of interest too.

The County’s History

Morris County flag, orange and white with a crest
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Founded on March 15, 1739, Morris County got its name from New Jersey’s former British governor, Colonel Lewis Morris.

In the 1600s, the Dutch established forts in part of the region that would become Morris County. A bitter and hostile relationship between the Dutch and the Native Americans in the region made impossible for anyone to truly colonize the region. Eventually, the region was surrendered to the British, and European settlements formed starting in the 18th century.

Interestingly, Morris County was originally part of both the Burlington and Hunterdon counties. Now the county stands on its own, with sprawling fields and beautiful lakes that make it an attractive destination for people moving to New Jersey.

Population & Other Local Information

an old stone church
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As of the 2018 U.S. Census, it’s been estimated that Morris County has a population of 494,228. Currently, the median household income for this county is estimated to be around $107,034. As of 2016, this is the ninth wealthiest county in the United States, and the second wealthiest in New Jersey, behind Hunterdon County.

Morristown stands as the county seat for the region. Part of the county’s financial success can be attributed to the fact that several businesses that operate here are listed in the Fortune 500. Real estate, pharmaceuticals, insurance, and finance are among the most prominent and successful industries here.

In particular, the Atlantic Health System stands as one of the largest employers in the county.

Transportation Options

Passengers Sitting Together on a Bus

Thanks to a large selection of transportation options, Morris County is an ideal destination for commuters. NJ Transit stations can be found in Morristown and Rockaway, and they offer access to train and bus lines that run across the region.

The Morristown Municipal Airport is also available for those looking to fly out of the state. In addition, Route 287 runs north and south through Morris County, connecting drivers to major east and west roadways, including Routes 80, 280, and 24.

With these options at hand, local commuters can easily access all 39 municipalities in the county, as well as New York City.

A County With Excellent Schools

Morris County’s schools rank among the best educational facilities in New Jersey. In fact, 6 high schools from this county are ranked among the top 50 high schools in the state, as of 2018. From Kinnelon High School to Parsippany High School, your children will be in great hands with the county’s teachers.

Morris County is also home to a number of well-ranked colleges and universities. These include the County College of Morris, the Farleigh Dickinson University, and the College of Saint Elizabeth.

Whether you are looking for a school for your kids or a college for higher education, Morris County has you covered. To learn about all the schools in the county, please check here.

Places of Interest Around the County

Eating Area Around Lake Hopatcong with bushes, trees and a grassy field

If you are looking to do some exploring, you will find that there are many fun places to check out.

The county is notable for housing one of the largest park systems in New Jersey. From the Central Park of Morris County to the James Andrews Memorial County Park, there are several locations to visit. Lake Hopatcong is another popular destination, as its large size makes it a great spot for watersports.

For those who enjoy golf, there are several courses to check out, including the Berkshire Valley Golf Course. Restaurant goers have plenty of options as well, including the highly rated Gourmet Café Italian Restaurant. Shoppers can also check out the Rockaway Townsquare, and visit a large assortment of shops and additional restaurants.

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