Working at Home: How to Turn Your Apartment Rental into a Home Office

What To Do When You’re Working Out of an Apartment Rental 

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has heavily impacted the lives of apartment renters in a variety of ways. With people being pushed to stay at home, many of those who are able to work are adjusting to working out of their apartment units. For some this can be a hassle, since they may not have a space set aside for work.  

That’s why we created this guide to help you out. If you’re working from home for the immediate future, use these tricks to create an efficient home office right in your apartment. 

Deciding Where to Set Up Shop

Office Set Up Inside a Person’s Apartment

The first step to setting up an office in your apartment is figuring out where you should work. Selecting the perfect spot in your unit is imperative if you want to stay productive and minimize distractions. 

To start, your office should have plenty of natural light, so try to pick a location that’s close to a window. You want to minimize outside noise, so find somewhere that’s nice and quiet. If you’re sharing the apartment with another person, try to pick a place that’s not too close to where they’ll be hanging around. 

The space you pick should also have plenty of room, so you can set up a desk and a chair without any hassles. Make sure your workspace is close to some outlets so you can keep using your phone or computer while it’s charging. 

Buy a Proper Office Chair

White Office Chair in Front of Wood Desk

Next, you should look online and invest in a proper office chair you can use while you work. It’s tempting to sit in a kitchen chair or on the sofa, but this isn’t recommended. Since you’ll be sitting down for long time each day, you need something that can provide proper back support. 

Ergonomic task chairs are easy to come across online and offer a wide range of features that help you stay comfortable.  Look for chairs with adjustable armrests, mesh backs, and sufficient lumbar support. These are features that will help you stay comfy and will allow you to maintain proper posture while you’re sitting for long periods. 

Repurpose What You Already Have

Black Bookshelf With Files And Other Items Adorning It

Considering the circumstances, getting the proper supplies for a home office may prove to be difficult. Don’t fret though, because you can set up a home office by repurposing what you already have in your apartment. For starters, if you don’t have a desk you can use, grab a spare table as a substitute until you’re able to get something more suitable. 

Try using spare shelves to store some extra supplies. Or, if you have a small bookcase, empty it out and move it closer to your workspace. Make the most out of what you have until you’re able to get your hands on some proper tools and supplies. 

Don’t Forget to Customize 

One of the benefits of having a home office is that you’re free to set it up any way you wish. You aren’t confined by the restrictions of a traditional office space, so take some time to customize things to your liking. The more comfortable you are with your workspace, the more work you’ll be able to get done. 

Hang up a few posters on the wall, or set up a few family photos around your desk. To get some additional motivation, move any spare plants you have closer to your desk. Do whatever you wish, but don’t go overboard, since you don’t want your décor to distract you from your work. 

Set Up Separate Areas for Breaks

Woman Doing Yoga on a Pink Mat

As important as it is for you to get your work done, you can’t forget to take breaks every hour or so. Be sure to set aside some parts of your apartment for mental breaks so you don’t wear yourself out. As an example, you could set aside a separate table to do some light reading away from your work desk. 

You could also set up a small area in the living area with a mat to do some light exercises. Or you can simply go into a different room and watch TV for a bit. It’s important to set up these areas away from your work desk, because doing so makes it easier to switch out of work mode to relaxation mode, and vice versa. 

While you’re at home, you should try and focus on keeping your apartment clean in order to stay healthy. Use our checklist for assistance.