Keep Your Space in Order with These Apartment Organization Hacks

Organize Your Apartments While You’re Home

While renting an apartment has many advantages, there can be some drawbacks, such as limited space. Depending on the size of your apartment, it may not take long to fill it up with personal possessions. Many renters are finding themselves with free time right now; it’s the perfect time to try and get things organized.

Try out these different organization hacks to get things in order.

Use Space Under Beds & Couches

Pondview Bedroom With Space Under Bed

Do you have beds or couches in your apartment with room underneath? That is excellent space to be used for storing any items you’d rather keep out of sight. Books and magazines can be stored under your couch or bed so they can be easily accessible to read later in the day.

Plastic bins are ideal for storing personal items, and you can slide them right under your bed. No matter how small your apartment is, there’s always some space to be found. You just have to look for it.

Hang Things From Walls & Doors

Apartment Unit With Blank Space on Wall

Another great way to organize your apartment is by taking advantage of vertical space. Walls and the backs of doors offer plenty of free space, and by taking advantage of them you can clear up a lot of clutter. For example, a hanging rack can be used to organize utensils in your kitchen and free up counter space.

For the bathroom, you can grab a hanging organizer to set up on the back of a cabinet door to hold toothpaste and other supplies. Hooks are ideal to hang on the back of your bathroom door and can hold any clothes you plan to wear after washing up. Vertical space is free for the taking in every apartment, so don’t let it pass you by.

Use Organizers to Store Supplies

Toilet Paper Sitting on the Ground

Looking for some way to make room in your kitchen drawers because they’re getting too cluttered? Or maybe you’re looking for an extra tool for storing some supplies in your bathroom. If you’ve been working from home, perhaps you might have a spare organizer laying around.

Try using one of these organizers for storing cooking utensils, saran wrap, and other items. Desktop organizers are designed with individual sections, so it’ll be easy to keep everything separated. Try looking for a way to repurpose possessions you already have to aid in your organizing endeavors.

Snag an Ottoman Table or Bench

Black and White Ottoman

One other way to free up some room in your apartment is to take advantage of multipurpose furniture. Ottoman benches, for example, have several uses, since you can sit on them and put your feet up on them. The catch is that they open like boxes, so you can store items inside while still using them for their intended purposes.

There are also ottoman coffee tables, which function in the exact same way. You can set things on top of them while you’re lounging, and when you’re done you can open them up and store books and other items inside. Having these around the apartment will help you keep things from getting too cluttered.

Clean Out What You Don’t Need

Clear Bags of Trash Piled Up

Ultimately, the best way to get your apartment organized is to work on getting rid of what you don’t need. Everyone who lives in an apartment has stuff sitting in drawers and cabinets that aren’t needed anymore. With the free time you have, go through your apartment and take out anything you haven’t used in years.

If you have things that are still in good condition, set them aside and consider donating them when things settle down. Otherwise, anything that’s broken or unnecessary should go straight in the trash. Get into the habit of cleaning up on a regular basis to keep your apartment from getting cluttered again in the future.

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