How to Keep Your Pet Fit & Active When You Can’t Go For Walks

Keeping Your Pets Active & Healthy Indoors

As a pet owner, there are things you should know about keeping your furry friend healthy and active. Pets need exercise, and by keeping them active you’ll ensure they stay in good shape. Typically, one of the best ways to do this is by taking them for walks outside. 

Unfortunately, adverse conditions, such as poor weather, can make it tricky to go outside for walks with pets. Fortunately, there are ways to keep your pet active from the comfort of your own apartment. Check out some of the fun things you can do with your pet from home.

Play Fetch

Labrador with a Black Ring, After Fetching It

An easy way to keep your pet active is to get in a few quick rounds of fetch. Whether it’s a ball or some other type of toy, pets love to chase after things. Playing fetch with your furry friend will help get them moving around when you can’t get outside for a walk. 

You should always be mindful when playing fetch in the apartment, however. Pets can get aggressive when chasing after things, and you don’t want them to crash into anything. Try to play in a nice, open area so your pet has plenty of room to play in. 

If you need to get your hands on toys for your pets, stores like PetSmart are open as essential businesses. PetSmart has the option for curbside pickup if you want to get supplies while keeping safe. 


Young Dog Playing Tug of War With Owner

Tug-of-war is one of the best games for dog owners to play with their pets. Dogs, especially younger ones, have a lot of energy and are often aggressive when they want to play. Tug-of-war is one of the most involved games you can play with your dog, so playing it offers several health benefits. 

Since it can be such an aggressive game, it will help develop your dog’s body more than other games. Plus, it helps them burn off excess energy, which will help them sleep better at night. 

You can use several things to play tug-of-war, but to avoid damaging any of your possessions, it’s best to get a dedicated toy for it. Ropes for dogs are the best option, since they’re nice and sturdy. They won’t give in to the large amount of pressure dogs apply when they play. 

Teach Some New Tricks

Schnauzer in Yard, Standing on Back Legs

While there is an old phrase saying “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” teaching your pets new tricks is one of best forms of indoor exercise. Tricks like jumping and rolling over, among others, are great forms of exercise for pets, especially dogs. Besides these classic tricks, there are plenty of others you can practice. 

A good one for dogs is standing on the hind legs, as this well help them build their leg muscles. Cats and dogs can also be taught how to give you a high five. There are tons of tricks you can teach your pets, all of which will keep them moving when the weather isn’t too great out. 

Be sure to reward your pets with treats to reward them for a job well done. This will let them know that they’re doing things correctly, and they’ll be more open to learning new tricks. 

Get Your Cat Moving With a Chase

Inactive Cat, Lounging on Rug

Cats often like to lounge about inside, and sometimes need a bit of motivation to get moving in the apartment. If you want to keep your cat active, one of the best things to have with you is a laser pointer. 

Cats have an instinct to chase things, especially bright objects. You can use a laser pointer to convince them to get some exercise in, as they’ll want to go after the light no matter where it is. To continue from this, you could even create a makeshift obstacle course that you can guide your cat through. 

If you can’t get a laser pointer, take one of their toys and tie it to a stick with a piece of string. After shaking it around for a bit, your cat will want to dart after it. Either of these options are great for keeping your cat from lounging around all day. 

Install a Cat Tree or Scratching Post

Young Cat, Playing With a Scratching Post at Home

Cats are natural jumpers, and will try to jump up to any high places they’re able to. With this in mind, you can keep your cat active by purchasing a cat tree for your apartment. Cat trees have several platforms for cats to jump on, which will allow them to stretch out their muscles and move around. PetSmart and other stores have them in stock. 

Another option you have is to bring a scratching post into your apartment. While some cats can be a bit lethargic, others have a lot of energy, especially younger ones. On top of this, cats have the desire to scratch things, so you can use a scratching post as an outlet for getting rid of that built-up energy. 

Not only does this keep them active, it keeps your furniture safe as well. 

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