How To Stay Cool In Your NJ Apartment In Summer

Summer Heat: Cooling Tips for Your Apartment

Summer is here and NJ sure does heat up! In the dog days of summer it can heat up to dangerous levels, so staying cool in your apartment is very important. Here are some ways you can keep temperatures down for a safe and cool NJ summer.

Bring Nature Inside

Small plant on window sill in white ceramic planter

Now we know what you might be thinking, “I live in an apartment. How do I bring nature inside? And how will it help me to stay healthy and cool?”

Keeping temperatures comfortable starts with the air. Ever been outside in March waiting for an Uber and a bus goes by, filling the air with smog? Yeah, the temperature is cool, but the pollution is downright awful. Plants are natural air purifiers, and you don’t have to be a gardener to have them inside. They take in the carbon dioxide and release oxygen, so you can breathe clean air all day long in your apartment.

Fans, Fans, Fans

A white ceiling fan in motion

Residents have the option to install a ceiling fan, but don’t knock a classic plug in fan! Cost-effective and portable, fans allow you to have personal AC wherever you want it in your apartment. Plus, they will help to circulate the air and keep it fresh— so no more stagnant sleeping air! For extra cooling at night, there are ones that even clip to the side of your bed. Best of all, if the day isn’t terribly hot, turning off the AC, opening a window, and turning the fan on will help to keep your utility costs down.


Two smartphones charging on a countertop

The little things add up and the heat given off by chargers and electrical outlets will boost the temperature. It’ll also increase your utilities bill, so unplug and reap the benefits!

Close the Curtains & Blinds

A person sitting in front of a window with blinds closed and sunlight peaking through

If your apartment window faces south or west, be sure to keep the curtains drawn or the blinds shut in the summer. With a south-facing window, you’ll have sun all day long, and if it faces west, then heat will pour into your apartment as the sun sets. By blocking out the sun, you will also reduce the outside heat coming into your apartment.

Get “Cool” Tech!

One of the best things about living in the 21st century is that there is an invention for almost everything. You bet there’s some cool stuff out there, specifically for staying cool. Best of all, this technology affordable and usable in your apartment.

Get a Mattress-Cooling Pad

A woman holding a cooling mattress on a bed with white sheets

Nighttime is when most apartment renters find that temperatures get uncomfortable. A mattress-cooling pad is one of the best things you can use for a sound and comfortable sleep. They go under your fitted sheet and act as a personal AC unit, keeping your bed nice and cool at night.

If you find that your apartment is unusually warm or humid, your Garden Community staff will be happy to assist you. All of our communities have an HVAC team to fix any issue with your central air or thermostat. Just send a request ticket to the help desk. It’s that easy!