Looking To Move To NJ From NYC? Here Are 3 Great Reasons To Do It!

3 Great Reasons To Make That Move From NYC to NJ

The Empire State has so much to offer: world-class food, incredible music, successful careers—but affordable living spaces? Not so much. When the average New Yorker has to pay exorbitant rent for a shoebox space (with a roommate), it’s no wonder why so many are looking to make a move to New Jersey. No matter the reason, and there are many, New Yorkers are looking for a change, looking for the right place to move.

But is that move to NJ really worth it? Absolutely! And here’s why…

1. Affordable, Large Apartment Space Unheard of in Manhattan

Fair Lawn Promenade Garden Community Rentals

The biggest complaint NYC residents have about their apartments is that they pay an arm and a leg for a tiny space. Now, what if you could spend the same or even less for large units up to 2,220sq.ft? Yes, you read that correctly. Some communities even include townhome and duplex styles! In NJ Garden Community rentals you can have a lifestyle of maximum comfort.

Fair Lawn Promenade 2 bedroom rental floor plan.

More space means that you have enough room for all of your furniture and things. Like to entertain? In your new apartment or condo you can have several guests over on game night and no one will trip over the chip bowl. (It also means that you can get that big screen TV you’ve always wanted and watch the Yankees play like never before.) Dinner parties seem like penthouse affairs with enough space for guests to mingle and enjoy the evening. More square footage means a more comfortable lifestyle, and Garden Communities NJ has so much more than just luxurious space!

2. A Commuter’s Dream with Convenient Public Transportation

A public train leaves an NJ train station.

Now, you might be asking yourself, “How can I move to NJ when I work in NYC?” Answer: Easily!

The commute to your job in NYC is easy and affordable all year round because Garden Community rentals are strategically located near public transportation. You can catch a train or hop on a bus and be in the city faster than you’d have thought possible. Or you can drive to the ferry and enjoy a scenic commute into the city as you’ve never experienced before! In fact, these locations even make commuting easy during the Covid-19 pandemic—just be sure to follow these tips to stay safe and healthy on public transportation.

And don’t forget the return trip. You’ll find yourself more relaxed than ever knowing that you are returning to a quiet and spacious home away from the city that never sleeps.

3. Amazing Amenities Abound!

A couple sits on a sofa in their Garden Community Apartment with their dog and cat.

Anyone looking to move from NYC to NJ might think that space and quiet ares all they get with a Garden Community. Nope. You get so much more! The amenities at the Garden Communities are truly what give residents the lifestyle they’ve always longed for. While different units and communities have variations, you’ll always find amenities that few Manhattan or Brooklyn apartment complexes will give you.

Unit Amenities Include:
Private balcony/patio
In-unit washer/dryer
Home office space

Community Amenities Include:
Swimming Pool
Fitness Center
Pet Friendly
55+ Adult Communities

What’s there to do in NJ?

The Ford Mansion, George Washington’s headquarters in NJ.

Northern NJ is filled with beautiful hiking, culture, and no shortage of history. Garden Communities offers apartment rentals in 12 New Jersey Counties; Middlesex, Bergen & Morris (just to name a few). There’s something for everyone here. (In fact, our Golden Residents love it so much they’ve lived in Garden Communities for over 50 years!) As a seasonal state, there are things to do in NJ all year round—you’ll never get into a rut because each region and each season brings an array of fun activities for the whole family to enjoy. While moving into a Garden Community apartment has amazing benefits to satisfy leaving NYC, there are MANY reasons you should consider moving to NJ that are all to NJ’s own merit!

Are you ready to make your move to NJ?