The Benefits Of Moving Into Newly Constructed Communities In NJ

The Benefits of Moving into Newly Constructed Communities

Whether you’re looking to move out of NYC and into NJ or if you’re just leaving nest, your search for the ideal rental is over. These gorgeous apartment communities are the premier renting solutions for the commuter and locals alike. What’s better than affordable, luxury apartment communities? Ones that are newly constructed! In a newly constructed community you get all the benefits of established buildings and so much more. You’ll understand just why so many of our residents have made Garden Communities their forever homes.

You’re One of the First Ones! 

The outside of new apartment buildings at Birchwood Park

This might seem obvious, but there’s really nothing like having a brand new place all to yourself. Nothing has been used before: the floors have never been walked on, the paint is fresh and there is a smell of “new” that just can’t be replaced. Even if you’re the second resident in the space, it’ll still have that brand new aesthetic you won’t find elsewhere. Whether you’re just starting out or starting over, a newly constructed apartment community is truly the place to begin. 

Better Amenities & Appliances 

The fitness center at Birchwood Park brand new construction and workout equipment

All of our apartment communities have excellent amenities, but with a newly constructed complex, they’re even better! Fitness centers have newer equipment with higher performance and improved features on machines. Your in-unit appliances, such as washer/dryer, microwave and refrigerator are all fresh off the line. There’s no worry about malfunctions or misuse by previous renters—you have everything new from the get-go.

The Newly Wed’s Choice  

two people hugging in a new apartment

After living with their parents for so long, newly weds are excited to begin their life together. Since they’re just starting out, they’ll be looking for affordability. With these apartment communities, you get affordability and so much more! Incredible amenities give them the lifestyle of the their dreams right from the start, and simply being surrounded by everything new sets the perfect tone for their beginning. 

Location, Location, Location 

NJ Transit trains and lots of tracks near Newark Airport Station in NJ
Source: Wikimedia Commons

New apartment communities aren’t just built for spacious living, their location is strategically chosen to benefit the NYC commuter. With public transportation just a stone’s throw away, residents who work in New York will find that their commute has never been easier than while they’re living in northern New Jersey. We have newly constructed communities in the following counties:

Coming Fall 2020: Newly Constructed Communities!

Ready to see your new stunning and spacious apartment?

Moving into a newly constructed community is undeniably a sweet deal. However, anyone with a reason to move will find the solution in any Garden Community. Brand new or tried and true, your our apartments are the game changer you’ve been looking for.