Looking To Relocate? The Top Reasons People Move

Reasons To Move To An NJ Apartment Rental Community 

In the past 7 decades, there have been; 12 presidents, equal rights movements, a technological revolution, ups and downs in the economy, and the recycling of many trends.  Times may change, but the reasons why people move to our apartments have always been consistent. Why? Because our communities deliver the lifestyle solutions people need. Since 1954, residents have found more than just a place to live in our communities, they’ve found a home

1. Location 

Top of a picket fence in NJ as the sun is setting

Renting or buying, the #1 rule in choosing your home is: location, location, location. 

Our communities are strategically located to: 

2. Sold Your Home 

Brick home with a sold sign on the front lawn

Maybe you need to afford the mortgage on a house you are having custom built. Maybe you fell on hard times and need to move to a smaller home. No matter the reason, if you sold your home, our communities are the ultimate solution for both temporary and long term situations. We provide luxury apartment rentals all across NJ, there’s an affordable and spacious apartment with your name on it with all the creature comforts of home. 

3. Moving In Together 

man and woman packing to move

Long gone are the days of first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes living together. Today, couples view living together as the last and ultimate test of the strength of their relationship. Young couples moving in together need a space that doesn’t come with a 30 year commitment. These communities give them the best of everything to figure out their life together (however long or short that may be).  Are you looking to move in together? Take our quiz, Should You Move In Together? 

4. Need A Bigger Space 

An empty kitchen and dining room in one of units at Kitchen at Washington Promenade
A spacious kitchen at Washington Promenade in Dumont.

Whether you need to get out of the room in your parents’ house, or if you’re downright sick of paying an arm and a leg for a shoebox in NYC and want to move out of the city, our communities in NJ have the space you’ve been craving. Singles, couples, families, and pet owners alike find that they live far more comfortably in our apartments than they’d ever imagined! 

5. Job Related 

man in suit at a desk with laptop

One day you’re a sales manager of Chicago. The next day your boss says she wants you to run the NY-NJ territory…ASAP. You’ll need a place to stay that’s convenient to your commute to the new office and is affordable while you get on your feet in the new environment. With NJ apartments located near public transit, Garden Communities apartments will help you make that work life balance even better. 

6. Living On Your Own 

Woman sitting on the floor on her laptop

Ready to be on your own? You’ll need an affordable place with enough space for your new home office, kitchen, entertaining, and all those collectables you’ve spent years acquiring. A garden apartment gives a first time renter everything they need to start out solo life on the right foot. 

7. Good School System 

Oakes Pond at Bloomfield
Oakes Pond at Bloomfield, close to Montclair State University.

NJ has incredible school systems and universities, and many of our apartment rentals are located close to many colleges and universities so student can live off-campus if they so choose. For younger student, parents elect to move into our apartments so they can live comfortably while giving their children the best opportunities possible in life with excellent education. 

8. Scaling Back 

The Enclave at Livingston, 55+ Adult Living Community.
The Enclave at Livingston, 55+ Adult Living Community.

Maybe the kids have moved out, maybe you just realized that you don’t need all of that extra space to live comfortably. Whatever your reason for scaling back your living space, our communities give you the space you really need without sacrificing your lifestyle. Garden Communities also has many 55+ adult living communities. Complete with luxurious amenities and situated in prime locations, you’ll wonder why you didn’t decide to move in sooner!

9. Better Amenities

The birds eye at Pondview Estates including lots of property and a community pool
Pondview Estates in Wharton.

Here it is— the big tuna. Our communities are so beloved for the amenities that afford our residents a luxury lifestyle. We’re not just talking in-unit washer and driers and pet friendly apartment rentals. We’re talking swimming pools, fitness centers, luxury features, stainless steel appliances, and so much more. We even have communities that are smoke-free, so you can live the lifestyle you want with clean air and without the smell of cigarettes. In our communities, you get an elite lifestyle that’s incredibly affordable.

Apartment hunting during Covid-19? Every Garden Community is a safe and secure place, even during Covid-19. This luxury living community is consistently and efficiently putting you and your family’s health and safety as a top priority. Look no further if you’re looking for a rental community you can trust to call home!