Golden Residents At Garden Communities Honored With 1-Year Rent Free

Garden Communities Honors Its “Golden Residents” 

For over the past 50 years, Garden Communities has kept a standard: give our residents everything they need to live their best lives. From strategic locations close to public transportation and social scenes to incredible amenities like swimming pools and in-unit laundry machines, every detail has been taken into consideration. To see the success of Garden Communities, one needs only look to our Golden Residents.  

Golden Residents are those who have living in Garden Communities for 50 years or more. We are touched by their loyalty and proud to have provided them homes for over half a century. That’s why we are showing our appreciation and honoring our Golden Residents!  

50 Years Strong: Josephine Macchia 

50 Years Strong: Josephine Macchia

Scotch Plains Gardens resident, Josephine Macchia has been a member of the Garden Communities family for over 55 years! In 1965, Josephine was an Italian teacher looking for an apartment near her work at Barringer High School. Not only did she find a place close to work, Josephine found a place to call home forever.  

Why Josephine Macchia Loves Her Garden Apartment 

Why Josephine Macchia Loves Her Garden Apartment

Josephine is one of the original residents to move into Scotch Plains Gardens development. So just what made her stay for so many decades?  

Initially, Josephine needed to be close to work—her corner unit made catching the bus to Newark every day for 25 years nice and easy. Then, it was the little things that transformed Scotch Plains Gardens into a forever home. It started with the location and the convenient amenities, but then she took it a step further—she added the personal touches that made the apartment hers. Josephine takes great pride in making sure her home stays pristine.   

“I’ve always admired a beautiful home that looks nice, so I like to keep it clean” Josephine explains.  “I was even able to install my own crystal chandelier in my dining room, which made it really feel like it was my home. I feel comfortable here.” 

Josephine isn’t just a Golden Resident. She’s a prime example of the diverse residents living in Garden Communities: Josephine was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to study Italian in Florence Italy, as well as a NDEA Scholarship to study Italian at the University of Connecticut.  Her passions include classical music and opera.  

So you see? Garden Communities aren’t just rental apartments. They’re homes for people from all walks of life. Arts-loving teachers like Josephine find forever homes here. Young health gurus stay for the fitness centers and swimming pools. Corporate professionals love returning to luxury living at the end of each day. Families move in for the high quality NJ schools and the safe, pet-friendly environments.   Read about our other Golden Resident: Rita Brooks

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