The Benefits Of Living In A Smoke-Free Apartment Rental Community

Smoke-Free Apartment Living In NJ Garden Communities

Smoke-free living isn’t just a preference—it’s a lifestyle. Those who prefer to abstain from cigarettes, cigars and other materials desire a place where they can live without the constant presence and influence of the recreation.

Whether or not smoking is a deal beaker for you, there are several advantages to choosing a smoke-free apartment community.

Breathe Healthy

A girl lighting up a cigarette with her lighter smoke everywhere

Second hand smoke is proven to be worse than first hand. Your neighbor is using a filter, but you are taking in everything. Non-smokers who are exposed to second hand smoke are at a 25-30% higher risk of heart disease and stroke than smokers themselves.

One of the reasons residents love Garden Communities is because each apartment community has it’s own great amenities. But sharing the space with smokers can dampen the enjoyment of using these amenities.

Imagine these scenarios:

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back:

Cedar Manor fitness center
Fitness Center at Cedar Manor
  • You’ve just finished a great workout in your exclusive community fitness center, but as soon as you exit the facility, there’s another resident taking a drag before going in. You just finished doing your body good, but now you’ve breathed in nasty carcinogens.

Kids Breathe Smoke Too:

Overview of the backyard and the Swimming Pool at Durham Woods
The Swimming Pool at Durham Woods
  • It’s a hot summer day and your kids want to use the swimming pool, but your chain-smoking neighbor is lying out by the water as well. This healthy outdoor activity for your children is now compromised because they are breathing in toxins from another person’s bad habit.

Smoking Habits Aren’t Just Bad For People:

A couple sits on a sofa in their Garden Community Apartment with their dog and cat.
  • You were so excited to find a pet-friendly community and finally rescue that puppy you’ve always wanted. You take your puppy out for a walk and as soon as you’re not looking he curiously chews on cigarette filters he finds on the ground. Not cool.

A Clean Entrance

Living in a smoke-free community also creates a clean aesthetic. It means that you’ll never encounter dirty cigarette butts on your return home from work. From the time you park your car to when you enter your community building, you’ll be walking on clean, un-littered ground. No more, “Ugh. Seriously?” when you pass a patch of orange filters.

The Smell of Home

The living room at Birchwood Park
Birchwood Park

Smoke travels and smoke clings. When you’re doing laundry with your in-unit washer & dryer, you don’t want the smell of fresh cotton to be spoiled by the smell of your neighbors habit wafting up from the balcony below. You’ll spend time and effort finding a community that suits your needs, but all that perfection will easily be spoiled by the smell of cigarette smoke embedded in the apartment from a previous resident.

In a smoke-free community, you’ll only have the smell of your newly purchased candles, fresh laundry and the delicious meal you’ve made in you’re beautifully appliance kitchen. In a smoke-free community, your apartment doesn’t smell like chemicals— It smells like your home.

Do you want to live in total convenience and breathe clean every day? Then a Garden Community is for you! We have many smoke-free communities here in NJ and there’s one that meets all of your needs!