Apartment-Friendly Crafts For Kids Who Are Social Distancing Or Homeschooling

If you’re living in an apartment and your kids are home due to the pandemic, giving them crafts to do can do wonders for parents! Crafts can tie in with homeschooling to keep them engaged and interested in their studies. They can keep children occupied while parents are busy working from home. If done together, parents can have a great chance to bond with their child by making something special.  

These are our favorites! 

Make Reading Fun With Crafts! 

If you have a young child, then chances are that they adore the classic children’s book The Very Hungry Caterpillar, by Eric Carle. You can bring this story to life and make your own paper caterpillars with this craft from I Heart Crafty Things. Read the book together and then do the craft to make reading fun with real bonding time. 

Source:  I Heart Crafty Things

For older kids who have graduated to chapter books, a fun bookmark is the craft that will have them turning pages! Foxes are clever and cute, making them the perfect reading companions. Try making this fox origami bookmark for page corners by RED TED Art

Have Fun With Animals 

If there’s one thing all kids love, it’s animals. They’ll adore crafting these wild friends native to NJ.

Source: Housing A Forest

Bees are essential to nature and the Garden State wouldn’t be the same without them. This simple craft will allow you children to make fun little buzzing friends. These yarn wrapped bee puppets by Housing A Forest will entertain young children all afternoon!

Source: Fantastic Fun & Learning

Bats don’t just live in Transylvania, they have a home right here in NJ. If it’s closer to Halloween, your kids will have fun making these cute bat headbands from Fantastic Fun and Learning and then flying all over the apartment!

Source: Non Toy Gifts

If you’re on the winter-side of fall, then deer are a favorite! They’ll adore creating this fun dancing deer by Non Toy Gifts and putting on a show! This craft requires a bit more hand control and will be better for kids who are a little older. 

Pique Their Interest With Pinecones 

Pinecones are everywhere in NJ, especially in the autumn! Hunting for pinecones is a great social activity to do with your child to get some fresh air. Plus, your child will feel that much more proud of their craft knowing they found the main material. 

New Jersey is home to many beautiful birds, and one of the most charming and rare is the state bird: the Goldfinch. With this easy pinecone bird feeder craft by Mom Wife Busy Life, you and your child can entice these little darlings to your private balcony. Goldfinches are picky eaters so be sure to use specific birdseed!

Source: Mom. Wife. Busy Life.

Does your child like Harry Potter books or maybe is just looking forward to winter? We love these little snowy owls made from pinecones! The idea by Frugal Fun For Boys and Girls is adorable and so creative. Your child will love their new little friend and this is a decoration you’ll cherish for years to come.

Source: Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls

Where You Can Find Local Crafts 

If you’re looking for crafting materials, you can take a look at the best places for craft lovers in NJ. But don’t stop there! There are plenty of unique local crafting stores in your county to inspire your creative side… 

Craft Stores In Bergen County 

To find all the essentials for children’s crafts, take a ride over Michael’s or JOANN Fabric and Craft Store in Paramus. 

Do you want to do some unique crafting for yourself while social distancing? Check out these local craft stores for crafts that adults will be proud to show off: 

The Crafty Kit is a great local craft store. You can find everything you need here for succulent growing, painting, glasswork, mosaics and so much more! 

If you like to knit or crochet in your spare time, then look no further than YarnDezvous in Teaneck, NJ! They have a great selection of supplies for both the advanced and the beginner.  

Essex County 

Up in Essex County, you can turn to the Hobby Lobby in Springfield for almost all of your crafting needs.  

If you are a more advanced crafter or artist looking to hone your skill this fall, you can’t go wrong at Jerry’s Artist Outlet. It has everything you need to transform your hobby into a side-hustle. 

Middlesex County 

Michael’s in North Brunswick is your best bet for all crafting supplies for you and your child.  

If you’re into painting, then Jerry’s Artarama in Lawrenceville, NJ is definitely worth looking into for all your needs. Not only do they have a great selection, but they deliver, too! 

Somerset County 

The best place for classic crafting supplies is definitely Michael’s in Bridgewater. However, if you’re in Somerset County, then you are also in for a real treat. In Raritan, NJ you’ll find Candyland Crafts where you can find everything you need to make the most impressive desserts and goodies for birthdays or holidays.  

We hope that your child enjoys these crafts during their social distancing. We take pride that our Garden Communities are family friendly. With spacious rental apartments to accommodate everyone, there’s a home here in NJ for you!