Looking to Downsize? Move to Garden Communities

There may be many reasons to downsize. Maybe you bit off more than you can chew with that expensive mortgage or maybe your kids just went off to college and you have an empty nest. Whatever it may be, there are many reasons to relocate.  No matter the reason, if you sold your home, our communities are the ultimate solution for both temporary and long-term situations. We provide luxury apartment rentals all across NJ, so there’s an affordable and spacious apartment perfect for you to call home. 

Amazing Amenities  

The gym at Washington Promenade
Fitness Center at Washington Promenade

Garden Communities properties have great amenities for every lifestyle. Whether your kids are off to college, you’re just starting a family of your own, you’re renting for the first time or need a good location for commuting, Garden Communities has it all. Our amenities are the perks that lend to a vibrant lifestyle as Garden Communities strives to ensure you get the ultimate lifestyle experience. Garden Communities offers fully equipped fitness centers, 24-hour maintenance and security, resort-style swimming pools, tennis courts, play grounds and much more.  

Lower Price & More Space 

Outside at Mountain View Gardens
Mountain View Gardens

Love the city but not city prices? Garden Communities offers luxury living apartments in amazing locations, conveniently located near main roads and public transportation facilities. You can commute to NYC by easily by hopping on the nearby train or bus. There are many benefits to living in NJ as opposed to living in NYC such as larger space, convenient transportation, amazing amenities, and surrounding attractions. 

Bring Your Pet With You 

Girl writing in a notebook from the computer with her cat on the couch

One of the best perks of moving to Garden Communities is being able to move without leaving your furry best friend behind. These luxury living apartments are pet-friendly. This is a great advantage when living in NJ as many NYC apartments have limitations when it comes having pets in your rental unit. Finding a community with pet amenities is essential when moving to a new location. 

Active Adult Communities 

The outdoor patio space at Woodcrest at Clark
Woodcrest at Clark

If you are over the age of 55, consider moving into an active adult community in NJ. Garden Communities offers active adult communities that are designed to make life active and convenient. There are a number of these active adult communities in NJ that may be difficult to find in the hustle and bustle of NYC. These communities are designed to create a sense of community, foster healthy lifestyles, and allow for easy commuting to surrounding attractions. 

There are many reasons to live in NJ as opposed to NYC including larger space, great amenities, more affordable options, pet-friendly rental units, and adult communities. NYC is just a quick commute away from Garden Communities locations which is conveniently located near public transportation facilities for all your traveling needs. When selling your home and moving into an apartment you have the opportunity to create a community and set up your future.