Dining Out: How to Keep Safe as Restaurants Reopen in NJ

There have been many ups and downs we’ve faced during Covid-19, but things are finally opening back up. As exciting as this is, it is still very important to take proper precautions when enjoying a nice meal out to eat with friends or family. Luckily, there are safety precautions you can follow when visiting one of the various restaurants here in the Garden State. If you want the latest information and updates from the CDC visit www.covidnj.gov. Keep reading to find out various ways to think ahead and be prepared while dining out during Covid-19.  

Stash Your Mask 

Girl sitting at a table on her cell phone taking off her paper mask

While it’s unlikely you will wear your masking during your meal, you may want to be mindful of where you place your mask while eating. It is a great idea to bring a re-sealable bag or ask your wife to place it in her purse. This is a much more sanitary alternative to leaving it out on a sticky table. Protecting your mask will be key to protecting yourself! 

Avoid Peak Times 

A girl in a mask and gloves at a register ringing customers up at a restaurant during Covid-19

Make sure to keep social distancing even while you’re out at restaurants. A great way to do so is to call ahead or look online for peak hours. You can avoid peak hours where restaurants are most crowded by going to dine a bit earlier or later than the dinner rush. You’ll be safer and will probably get better service too! 

Bring Your Own 

Table with dishes at a restaurant

When dining out you may feel more comfortable bringing some of your own utensils or even a booster seat to enhance the cleanliness of your dining experience. If you are uneasy about of using some of the restaurant’s amenities it’s a great idea to pack your own. This will keep you and your kids safe while enjoying a nice meal. 

Watch Your Drinks 

Man serving drinks at a restaurant

While dining out you want to be mindful of how much alcohol you consume, so that you’re more likely to make rational decisions and remember the safety guidelines. You want to keep yourself focused on taking the necessary precautions to ensure your safety is your first priority. 

Places To Go 

Woman eating outside, while checking her phone

There are many restaurants near Garden Communities luxury-living rental units that are adhering to Covid safety regulations. In doing so, many extended their outdoor seating areas and improved their eating environments to accommodate the weather. Many restaurants in have closed off the streets to allow for extra seating and an enhanced dining experience during this time.