The Benefits of Living in a Smoke-Free Apartment Community

Healthy living has become a top priority for many people in the last few years, with 2.9 million Americans quitting smoking just in 2021 alone. For anyone looking for a completely smoke-free and healthy-living community, we’ve found your spot! Our smoke-free living will help you keep your healthy lifestyle well past your New Year’s Resolution!

Breathe Clean Air

Woman outside amongst plants

There are over 7,000 chemicals present in tobacco smoke – approximately 69 are known to cause cancer and over 250 are deemed harmful in other ways, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). It is estimated that around 1.2 million people die due to second-hand smoke per year.

Our smoke-free living is one of many reasons why residents flock to our apartment communities – because not only are our luxury-living apartments smoke-free, but the whole apartment community is smoke-free. If you’re looking to live a healthy lifestyle, you’ll never have to worry about accidentally inhaling secondhand smoke outside of our state-of-the-art fitness centers. Not to mention, you won’t have to worry about kids at the swimming pool risking exposure to harmful chemicals and smoke. That worry is gone when you live here!


Washington Promenade Apartment Complex Exterior With Garages
Outside Washington Promenade Apartments

Being able to walk from the garage or your parking spot to your front door without encountering any litter associated with smoking is wonderful. Plus, if you are one of the residents who is taking advantage of our pet-friendly policy, you won’t have to worry about your furry friend accidentally eating any tobacco related trash.

Home Sweet Home Smell

The living room at Birchwood Park
The living room at Birchwood Park

Smoke rises and clings to your clothes, your carpets and even your walls, and the odor can linger for days, weeks, and years. In a smoke-free community, you will get the benefits of smelling the fresh smells of your home – whether it be that clean linen smell of freshly laundered clothes, the delicious aroma of a home-cooked meal, or even that newly purchased cinnamon scented candle. It’s easy to keep your home smelling wonderful in our smoke-free communities.

Fire Prevention

The birds eye at Pondview Estates including lots of property and a community pool
Pondview Estates

Neglected cigarettes can cause approximately 100,000 unintended fires per year in the United States. With our smoke-free living, you’ll never have to worry about a cigarette-induced fire in your or your neighbors’ home. Breathe easy with us.

If you want to breathe clean air every day, live in the lap of luxury, and have tons of conveniences, then we have a Garden Community for you. All our apartment communities here in NJ are smoke-free and we’re sure there is one guaranteed to meet your needs.