The Most Sought-After Rental Amenities in 2022

More and more Americans are calling apartments home this year. In fact, according to a recent report, the population of renters across America has climbed by an average of 31%. Younger generations no longer dream of a 2–story house with the white picket fence and 2 acres of land.  

It’s not just the younger generations. Empty-nesters and older, active adults are looking for more freedom as well.  Renting is on the rise and as such, people are expecting more bang for their buck. Today, discerning renters expect to have the type of luxury amenities that suit their lifestyles. Amenities such as dishwashers, air-conditioning, and high-speed internet are expected these days. Renters expect more value for their dollar, and since the pandemic started priorities have shifted. There is a bigger shift toward social connectivity, health and wellness, and a return to nature.  

Social Connectivity

Dogs playing outside

Today’s renters are searching for a home that they feel connected to. They want a sense of community, and to feel as if their apartment community is their special part of the world. This is why it’s so important to provide renters with communal spaces that encourage neighbors to get to know one another. Many of our new apartment communities, as well as our future apartment communities include a lot of the amenities listed below.  

Popular community amenities that promote social connectivity include things such as: 

  • Rooftop decks 
  • Dog Parks 
  • Playgrounds 
  • Conference Rooms/Business Centers
  • Gathering/Celebration Rooms 
  • Bike Trails 
  • BBQ areas 
  • Clubhouses 

Health & Wellness

Person taking a walk outside

Everyone is thinking about their health more these days than in the past. Most people prefer apartment communities that offer state-of-the-art fitness centers complete with exercise machines, free weights and weight machines. Yoga rooms are also gaining in popularity and swimming pools are on the wish list of most modern renters these days. 

Walkability is another important factor these days. As more and more of the younger generation decide to get rid of their cars, being close to public transportation and being within walking distance of essential shops is a major selling point. This is why multi-use or all-in-one living apartment communities are gaining in popularity – renters are able to walk out of their front door and do all their necessary shopping, go to restaurants, or hop on a bus or train to head into the city.  

Obviously, since the pandemic, renters are concerned with overall cleanliness. This means ensuring that all public living spaces are cleaned on a regular basis – elevators, mailboxes, lobbies, stairwells, etc. Having up-to-date filtration systems is a major selling point for today’s renters.  

Outdoor Living Areas

Biophilia, or the desire to connect with nature, has become important since people were cooped up in their homes during the pandemic. Rooftop decks, communal gathering spaces, pools, etc., work for both social connectivity, health and wellness, and the need to be outside. Providing spaces like patios and balconies is also a major selling factor. Giving people a place to sit and enjoy the sunrise or sunset while they sip their morning cup of coffee or a glass of wine after dinner has become more important than ever.  

Location has always been an important factor, but given that quite a lot of people are still working from home, not only are public transportation and being close to good schools a major selling point, people also want to be close to biking/hiking trails, parks where they can walk their dogs, playgrounds where they can take their children, etc. These things are other types of amenities that renters will consider.  

Extra Perks

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Along with the amenities listed above – it never hurts to add a few extra perks to sweeten the deal. Here is a list of other things on the modern renter’s wish list. 

Here at Garden Communities, we have all the amenities that modern renters require, as well as what their hearts desire. If you are looking to move to New Jersey or if you are just looking to move to a different town, you have come to the right place. We have all the amenities listed above and more.