To Move In Together or Not To Move In Together?

Love is in the air this month and you may be wondering – is it time my partner and I moved in together? Of course, moving in with your significant other is a big step in any relationship. Are you ready? Have you spent enough time with this person to really know them? Do they sleep with the window open in the middle of January? Do they keep the captions on during television shows and movies? Are they fastidious in their dishwashing? All these questions are things you can ask yourself and your partner, but the most genuine test is moving in together.  

New For Both Of You 

Couple sitting together on the couch

The easiest way to start fresh is to get a new place together. Whether you move into a new community or a new apartment in your current community, it’s a fresh start is an excellent way to both feel at home. Finding a new home together can be a great bonding experience. “I didn’t know we both liked the same tile backsplash!” 

Save Money

The Fredrick Bedroom
Affordable living at The Frederick

It’s no secret that living with someone else can help you save money. For example, you can save up to $1000 a month(!) living with a significant other. That money can be used to buy new furniture, go on vacations, get a pet, or save money for a potential special celebration down the line. You know the kind we mean. 

Gives a Reason to Purge Unneeded Possessions 

Green Meadows apartment unit
Consolidating and Sharing Furniture at Green Meadows

Moving in together is a great reason to cull some of your stuff. If you both have a couch, decide which one is in better shape or which sofa matches your aesthetics best. Maybe you’re moving into a 2-bedroom apartment and can repurpose one of your mattresses to the guest bedroom (with a mattress cover, of course). And you can finally get rid of the things you’ve kept out of convenience. As we said above, you’re sharing expenses now and saving money. It’s the perfect time to level up some of your home accessories.  

Cooking For Two! 

Mountain Way Kitchen
Cook in your New Kitchen at Mountain Way!

Time in the kitchen is much more fun when you’ve got someone you care about next to you. So, sign up for an online cooking course and learn together. And it’s much more fun to cook for two than to cook for one! Grocery trips will become little adventures you get to go on together.  

Create Your Space Together 

Holding hands

After having a tough day, having someone to come home to cannot be overlooked. Someone there to hear about your frustrations or vent about the workday can dramatically improve your mental health and mood. Share your highs and lows together. Celebrate the wins and mourn the losses.  

You get to create a home with the person you love. There’s nothing better than that.