Ways to Keep Your Apartment Warm as the Temperature Drops

Keep Warm Without Increasing Your Electric Bill

Are you the type of person that invests in electric blankets, but still remains cold? Winter can be a tough time for those who get cold easily. Even if you grew up in a colder region, those extra cold snaps can make it difficult to keep your apartment warm. Here are a few ways you can keep warm without dramatically increasing your utility bills.

Use Flannel Sheets on Your Bed

Keep Warm in Your Apartment By Using Flannel Sheets on Your Bed

Using warmer comforters and sheets during winter can bring you a better nights sleep. Consider finding sheets made of flannel instead of cotton that can be used during winter. This will allow you to lower your heating costs at night, as you can turn your heat down slightly thanks to the warmness of flannel sheets. Keep this as an extra set, and use cotton during warmer months. To keep your bedroom and other places in your apartment warm, consider adding thick curtains around windows block out drafts.

Add Area Rugs to Bare Floors

Dog resting on area rug

If you have hardwood floors in your apartment, you’re probably familiar with your floor being cold in the morning. Heat can try to escape through hard surfaces such as tile or hardwood floors. Keep your feet and pets warm by using area rugs in your living room and the area around your beds.

Use Your Appliances During The Day

Run Washer or Dryer During Day to Warm Apartment Up

During the summer, you might hear that you should use larger appliances at night to reduce heat. Think of the opposite when it’s cold outside. Consider doing your laundry or washing the dishes during the day as the energy you create can linger. Baking can also be a great way to fight the winter blues and make something delicious for your roommates or family members.

Remember that if your heat doesn’t work, you have access to emergency maintenance 24/7, no matter what community you live in. Find your community to put in a service request.