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Best Schools for Fair Lawn Residents

Parents who want to move to a new town need to make sure that they are moving to a place that has good schools for their children. If you have plans to move to Fair Lawn, NJ, you will be pleased to know that the Fair Lawn Public School District operates some of the best schools in New Jersey. If you would like to learn about a few of the top schools offered in Fair Lawn, please continue reading.

Westmoreland Elementary School

Address: 1650 Parmalee Ave, Fair Lawn, NJ 07410

Phone: (201) 794-5490

Quick Numbers

    • 9/10 overall rating on
    • 100% proficient in Science
    • 9/10 rating for test scores
    • 348 students

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Grades: K-5

The Westmoreland Elementary School on Parmalee Avenue is one of the best elementary schools offered in Fair Lawn. On this school is ranked as the 98th best elementary school in the state of New Jersey. In addition, the school ranked better than 92.7% of the other elementary schools in the state in 2017.

A few of the extracurricular activities offered at this school include band, chorus, computer arts, and art. Students in grades 2-5 can take part in the Typing Club, a program that helps students improve their typing skills. Any students who enjoy music can take part in music enrichment programs during the summer.

Memorial Middle School

Address: 12-00 First St, Fair Lawn, NJ 07410

Phone: (201) 794-5470

Quick Numbers

  • 8/10 rating for test scores on
  • 82% proficient in Science
  • 460 students

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Grades: 6-8

Located on First Street, Memorial Middle School is one of the two middle schools found in this school district. According to this school is ranked as the 61st best public middle school in New Jersey.

This school offers many options for sports, including baseball, basketball, football, golf, fencing, soccer, and wrestling. The school also hosts a few different clubs, including the drama club, the art club, the book club, the computer club, and the yearbook club. Students can use the online Genesis program to keep up with their current grades.

Fair Lawn High School

Address: 14-00 Berdan Ave, Fair Lawn, NJ 07410
Phone: (201) 794-5450

Quick Numbers

  • 8/10 overall rating on
  • 8/10 rating for test scores
  • 1,465 students

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Grades: 9-12

Fair Lawn High School is the only high school that is operated by the Fair Lawn Public School District. On this school is ranked as the 51st best public high school in New Jersey.

Some of the clubs offered at this school include the astronomy club, musical theater, jazz ensemble, the engineering club, and the National Art Honor Society. A few different languages are taught at this school, including Spanish, French, and Chinese. In addition, the school also has its own planetarium, and it is regularly used by students in the astronomy program.

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