Walk Scores: What Makes Some Apartments More Walkable Than Others?

Finding the Most Walkable Apartments

Many apartment renters have their own cars, but not all of them do. These renters will be looking at more than just a community’s onsite amenities. They will be looking for communities where they can get around the neighborhood without needing a vehicle.

Every community has a walk score, a transit score, and a bike score. By checking these scores, you can find communities that suit you. Continue reading to learn about the elements that make some apartment rentals more walkable than others.

Walk Score: Shops & Attractions Within Walking Distance

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The main factor of a community’s walk score is how easy it is to get around on foot. If you do not own a car, you will need to walk to get around the area. Thus, you should be looking for communities that have stores within walking distance. Be on the lookout for attractions and restaurants that are close by as well.

Communities that have these features close by are ideal if you have no methods of transportation. The most ideal communities are ones that have amenities that you can walk to in about five minutes. If it takes too long to get somewhere on foot, you will not be happy with your choice of residence.

Transit Score: Easy-to-Access Public Transportation

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Another score given to apartment communities is the transit score, which is based on the local public transportation options. Knowing this is important if you do not have a car, but still need to travel large distances to get to school or work.

A community with a high transit score has easily accessible transportation options. To get around, you need to move to a community with bus stations and train stations nearby. However, having these options is not enough for a community to have a good transit score.

Local transportation options must be fast and reliable, or else people will not want to use them. If you rely on public transportation, pay close attention to the options around communities you are interested in. Check to see if these services are reliable before you make any final decisions.

Bike Score: Is the Area Good for Biking?

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Lastly, there is the bike score. Bikes are a common form of transportation for renters that do not own cars. If you are bringing a bike with you when you move, you should look for areas that are easy to navigate using one.

A community with a high bike score will have plenty of biking lanes and trails nearby. These paths will be interconnected, so you can use them to travel to shops and other destinations. Communities with high bike scores also have lots of other bikers in the area. For many renters, the social aspect of biking is very important.

Review these factors during your apartment search if you plan to bring a bike. You want to ensure that you will be comfortable biking outside your apartment.

Walkable Properties from Garden Communities

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Walkability scores can be calculated by entering a community’s address into Walkscore.com. Please check these scores if you do not plan to bring a car with you. To get you started, here are a few of our highest-rated communities on the site:

Browse our communities and check their scores for yourself.