24 Signs that You are From New Jersey

There are approximately 9.4 million people who live in New Jersey as of 2021.  Why so many? Because we love it here. New York is just a hop, skip, or a train ride away from New York City. Why live in NY and pay exorbitant prices? New Jersey has absolutely everything you could possibly want or need.  

New Jersey has big cities, small towns, the world’s longest boardwalk in Atlantic City, 130 miles of beaches (known as The Shore), the Pine Barrens (home of the Jersey Devil), mountains and valleys and hills – Oh My! New Jersey gets a bad rep, but unless you’ve had the pleasure of living here, you will never know NJ’s true beauty. Believe us, it is not just one big oil refinery.  

There is a reason it’s named The Garden State. There are more than 10,000 farms, over 730,000 acres of farmland, and it has more horses than Kentucky. Rich with culture and history, New Jersey has something for everyone, and everyone is welcome. Here are 24 signs you are not only from NJ, but fiercely proud of it. 

Here is our List:  

Cape May County entrance to the Parkway
The Garden State Parkway entrance in Cape May County. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

1. Hop on the Parkway and be there in an hour: a beach, one of three malls, a major city, a farm, a mountain, etc.  

2. New York City looks great from across the Hudson. We get stunning views without having to pay for them.  

3. Is it Taylor Ham? Is it Pork Roll? Either way, a Pork Roll (or Taylor Ham), Egg, and Cheese with a side of corn beef hash is a staple at an all-night Diner after a big night out.  

4. When we tell people where we live, we tell them “What exit”.  

Views of Downtown Manhattan from Liberty State Park in Jersey City, NJ at Sunset
Views of Downtown Manhattan, NY from Jersey City, NJ. Source: Wikimedia Commons

5. If you’re from Central Jersey, it’s not Six Flags – it’s Great Adventure. And you know several people who had a summer job there in high school.  

6. If you are from the shore, it’s called going to the beach. If not, you are going down the shore – not to the shore. Even when you’re at the shore, you are still down the shore. 

7. Boardwalk pizza beats any other pizza in the world. Shout out to Manco & Manco. 

8.  Depending on where you live, you likely have a specific beach you go to. Southern NJ? You might go to Ocean City. Central NJ? You probably go to Asbury Park. Northern NJ? The world is your oyster! Asbury Park for a day trip or Ocean City for a weekend! 

Asbury Park Boardwalk and beach looking south
The Asbury Park Boardwalk. Source: Wikimedia Commons

9. You know how to navigate a jug handle but hate them. The same goes for circles. 

10. You’ve been offered a free room at an Atlantic City Casino at least once.  

11. Wawa is the best. The coffee is delicious. The subs/hoagies are delicious. Anything you need can be found in a Wawa. 

12. Whenever you watch a sporting event at MetLife Stadium, you get mad when the announcer says, “Welcome to New York.” To us, the Jets and the Giants belong to New Jersey.  

Metlife Stadium field
Metlife Stadium

13. You’ve eaten at the bare minimum of 10 diners and at least 3 of them have shiny, metal interiors. 

14. You know what Disco Fries are and have heard at least one person who has seen the Jersey Devil. 

15. We have never, ever pumped our own gas. And we can all agree that getting an EZ-Pass is the way to go.  

16. You aren’t just from Jersey – you are either from North, South, or Central Jersey. Yes, there is a Central Jersey!  

New Jersey Farmland and Fertile Corn Crop
Fertile New Jersey Farmland

17. We’ve got the best produce – specifically jersey tomatoes and jersey corn —and don’t get us started on pizza and bagels! 

18. If you can’t handle the traffic, do us all a favor and stay in the right lane on the Parkway or Turnpike.  

19. New “Joisey” – said no one from New Jersey ever.  

20. Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi are Jersey Icons that know no age barrier. One or both of them are bound to be played at least once during a party. 

Bruce Springsteen on Stage with his Telecaster
Bruce Springsteen Live. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

21. Don’t get any of us started on how most of the cast “Jersey Shore” show aren’t even from New Jersey! 

22. You know of or have been to at least two of the places shown in the opening montage of “The Sopranos”. 

23. Everyone wants to live here! More people move to NJ every day! 

24. You say “I’m from Jersey” with pride. NJ Strong is no joke. We may not always get along, but we rally when the need arises. The pride runs deep.