How Garden Communities Goes Green

How Garden Communities Goes Green

How Garden Communities Goes Green

Garden Communities is always looking for new and innovative ways to protect our planet and to conserve our precious resources. In efforts to reduce our carbon footprint among our New Jersey, New York and Connecticut properties, we have taken the necessary steps by implementing several initiatives to make our existing residential apartment communities as well as those that are being built more eco-friendly.

We have started switching all lighting our with energy efficient bulbs. Furthermore, we are encouraging our residents to recycle by installing recycling bins in designated areas and to please report any leaks as soon as they are noticed. Whether the leak is in the sink, bath or toilet, we will come out and fix it as soon as possible. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, household leaks can waste over one trillion gallons of water a year. That is the same as the amount of water that 11 million homes use in one year.

Fair Lawn Promenade

In our new community, Fair Lawn Promenade we have installed two electric vehicle-charging stations. To further help the community, we have chosen to make these charging stations available not only to our residents but any visitors to Fair Lawn Promenade and the shops and restaurants in the area.

Fair Lawn Promenade Goes Green with Electric Car Charging Stations

Vail Manor

In Vail Manor, a 55+ adult community in Parsippany, we have installed solar panels to help reduce the amount of gas and electricity used and to begin using the natural resources that we are given.

Vail Manor Installs Solar Panels to Go Green

Mill Run

We have also installed instant hot water heaters in our new community, Mill Run at Parsippany. These new water heaters can save our residents up to $100 a year. For our older communities, we have started replacing old boilers with high efficiency boilers. The older boilers could have efficiency ratings below 70 percent while our new ones are above 90 percent. That means that there are 20 percent less green house gases being emitted from each new unit as well as 20 percent savings on heating fuel costs.

Mill Run at Parsippany Saves on Utilities & Goes Green

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