Save Energy in Your Apartment: Tips on Conserving Electricity & More

Learn to Conserve Energy in Your Apartment

One of the reasons apartment renters cannot find the motivation to be energy efficient is because they think it requires a massive overhaul of their daily routines. This is not true, because if you make just the smallest adjustments to your lifestyle you can conserve electricity, water, gas, and much more. This benefits the environment, and helps keep your energy bills down. Use these tips and tricks to make your apartment more energy efficient.

Opt for Energy Efficient Lights

Ceiling Bulbs

One of the easiest ways to conserve electricity in an apartment is to swap out all the lightbulbs for more energy efficient ones. Certain brands of lightbulbs use up more energy, and since we rely on light throughout the day this can lead to a lot of wasted energy. There are plenty of greener lightbulbs on the market that burn up less energy and cut down your energy usage.

Fluorescent lightbulbs are good to use, since they use 75% less electricity than other models, according to Energy Star. These bulbs also last longer, so you can keep them for longer periods without having to replace them. On a side note, make sure you keep all your lights off when they are not needed, since this also helps reduce energy usage.

Using Apartment Appliances

Kitchen Appliances

You can save a lot of money on electricity by making more efficient use of the appliances in your unit. For example, try using your apartment’s microwave if you are able to use it instead of the oven or stove. It uses a lot less energy, so try using it more often when you want to cook something.

In addition, try not to overfill your refrigerator or freezer with food. When these appliances are filled up, the air inside gets warmer, and they have to produce more cold air to keep food and drinks fresh. On a final note, make sure you unplug any appliances when they are not in use, because they can still consume energy as long as they are plugged into the outlet.

Conserving Water

Showerhead Turned On

There are many things that apartment renters can do to conserve water. First, only use your washing machine or dishwasher when the load is completely filled up. This way, you can maximize each use of these appliances, therefore reducing the amount of water you need to use to keep your dishes and clothes clean.

If you see a leak or some kind of damage to your pipe system, call someone to fix it immediately, because the longer you take to fix it, the more water you waste. You should also try taking shorter showers if you want to conserve more water. Lastly, do not keep the faucet running while you brush your teeth, and only turn it back on when you need some extra water.

Cut Costs on Heat & Air

Ceiling Fan

One of the largest sources of energy consumption in a traditional apartment setting is the air system. Apartment renters rely on the thermostat to handle extreme temperature changes, and when it is used too often energy bills can skyrocket. To get around this, there are a few ways to make the temperature comfortable without relying on the apartment’s thermostat.

Try adjusting your thermostat a few degrees before you go to bed; the slightest change in temperature can save you a lot of money. If you can, try getting your ceiling fan to run in reverse during the winter, as this will circulate warmer air in your apartment. You should also try insulating your apartment’s windows to keep warm or cold air from escaping during certain times of the year.

Opting to live an eco-friendly lifestyle can also help you conserve water and electricity. Want to learn more?