Technology & Apartment Life: Some Useful Devices for Apartment Renters

Upgrading Your Apartment With Convenient Devices

Technology has advanced at a rapid rate, allowing for the creation of several convenient devices for homeowners. These smart devices do a lot of work on their own, making them handy additions for any living space. Today’s renters are enamored with these devices, and many have learned to incorporate them into their own apartments.

From smart lighting to smart speakers, there are several pieces of tech you can incorporate into your apartment. Check out some of the devices you can use to make your apartment high-tech and convenient.

Smart Speakers w/ Voice Assistants

Grey Amazon Echo Device on Table

Smart speakers (with virtual voice assistants) are tools commonly used by apartment renters. These devices can broadcast music at a frequency that best suits the size of the room it’s occupying, so they won’t be distracting to neighbors. Not only that, you can use the voice assistant to get answers to questions by connecting it through the internet.

The Amazon Echo and the Google Home devices are two of the best examples of smart speakers that are currently on the market. Both devices have their own benefits; for example the Echo can receive phone calls, while the Google Home cannot. The device that’s best for you will ultimately be based on your personal preferences.

Smart Plugs

Plug Put Into Outlet, With Other Devices Around

If you’re looking to save energy with your apartment, smart plugs are recommended. To use them, plug one into the wall, plug one of your appliances into it, and download the smartphone app that corresponds to the smart plug you have.

By using a smart plug, you can essentially turn any piece of tech into a smart device you can turn on and off freely. For example, you can use a smart plug with your TV set. If you go into another room and forget to turn the TV off, you can just go into your app and turn it off.

You can also schedule when devices can turn on or off, allowing you to reduce the amount of energy you’re consuming daily.

Smart Lighting

5 Bulb Lamp Casting a Shadow

Incorporating smart lighting options is another great way to make apartment life more convenient. Smart lightbulbs can be controlled using smartphone apps and voice commands, allowing you to set your lights without having use the light switch. This gives you complete control over how much light you can have in a room at any given moment.

Not only are these bulbs convenient, they’re also eco-friendly. Many smart lighting options often use LED bulbs, which consume less energy than other varieties. This gives them longer lifespans, and helps lower energy bills for your apartment. Philips Hue and Hue White are two of the best options available if you’re looking to invest in smart lighting.

Streaming Devices

Pointing Remote at TV, Which says Netflix

Are you looking to cancel your existing cable plan in favor of a streaming plan? You’ll benefit from having a dedicated streaming device in your apartment. Just plug one of these USB devices into your TV, and you’ll have access to an array of streaming channels, including Netflix and HBO Now.

Some of the options available right now include the Amazon TV Fire Stick, Chromecast, and Roku devices. With one of these devices, you’ll have your pick of several movies and TV shows, all while paying less than what you would have for cable.

Portable Smart Safe

It never hurts to have a little extra security when you’re living on your own. To safeguard your personal belongings, you should invest in a portable smart safe for your apartment. Compared to regular safes, smart safes connect with smart devices, and use other features to keep your valuable items locked up tight.

One of the most popular options on the market right now is the Motorola Mountable Smart Safe. It monitors the surrounding area, and sends notifications to your smartphone if it notices suspicious people. With its remote access functionality, you can get whatever you need out of it, all without using a code.

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