Location: What To Consider When Renting A New Apartment

Things To Consider When Choosing An Apartment Location

When looking for a new apartment, there are many things to consider. Location is arguably the most important. Where you choose to live will either complement or hinder your lifestyle. Knowing what you need to live your best life outside of your apartment is essential to selecting the perfect one. We recommend choosing your top 3 “nearby must-haves” to narrow down your search for the perfect new home.

Schools & Libraries

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Who Requires It: Families & Students

From kindergartens to universities, New Jersey is home to many excellent schools. The location of your community has a direct impact on the convenience and quality of education.

Which rental apartment parents choose will determine which school district their child will attend. Although the state has a great educational system overall, some school districts are better than others, which should be taken into consideration.

Proximity to higher education will also determine how easy it is for off campus students to commute to their classes. University students will want to choose a community with affordable rent but is close enough to campus that they can make it to class in time for an exam or lecture.

Close to Work & Commute

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Who Requires It: Workers & Commuters

Whether you’re just beginning your career or have been working for 15 years, having a home close to work is typically a priority. Being 10 minutes from your mechanic’s garage or 30 minutes from your office in NYC doesn’t just save you time each day, it betters your work-life balance. When you live closer to work you can sleep longer in the morning and make it home faster to spend time with your family or dog.

Another important feature about the location of your Garden Community is that it may offer convenient public transportation. If you work in the city, but don’t want to pay NYC prices, an apartment in NJ that’s right near a train or bus is just the ticket to get the best of both worlds: affordability and easy commute.


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Restaurants are excellent for nights out, socializing, broadening your horizons, takeout…and saving dinner when things go wrong in the kitchen. Having good restaurants nearby can be a deal breaker for many people, so be sure to look at the neighborhood and see what’s around. Families might want a good pizza place to take the kids, while college students may want a local Chick-fil-A. Vegans and vegetarians will want to make sure there’s at least one good go-to place for them.

Food Stores

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Having a food store nearby is an absolute necessity, but most people don’t realize how partial they are to one store or one type of store until they move. Someone who has a Sam’s Club card will be disappointed if there’s only a small grocery store. If you prefer shopping small, look to see if there’s a farmers market near the community you want to move into.

Lifestyle Complements

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Where you choose to live should complement the life you want to lead. A person who loves nightlife and shopping will feel out of place in a tucked away wooded neighborhood. A person who loves the outdoors and goes on daily walks with their dog probably wouldn’t enjoy a community in an urban environment. Knowing what’s around your home that you can do in your spare time will help you make a decision on an apartment you’ll be happy in.

Some aspects of lifestyle to keep in mind:

  • If you have a membership to a niche fitness center (Orange Theory, Barre, CKO…), make sure there’s one nearby.
  • If you love going to the beach every weekend in the summer, be sure to choose a community near the shore or near the parkway.
  • Garden Communities has some smoke-free communities.
  • If you have a preference be sure to narrow down your selection based on this restriction.
  • Although many communities are dog-friendly, it helps to have a park or dog park near the community.

Things To Do

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Each town in NJ is different and each will offer your Garden Community different local features and activities. Some people prefer nightlife and live music while others prefer peace and quiet. Some like art and museums while others want local recreational sports. Knowing what’s in your area can drastically improve your decision making when choosing a new rental apartment.

The search for your best apartment community is over!