Staying Safe In NJ’s Public Parks As They Begin to Reopen

As spring is approaching NJ is reopening everything from parks and restaurants to boardwalks and pools. It’s an exciting time for NJ as we’ve been cooped up for the past year. Although these public places are opening, there are still ways to ensure the safety for you and your family. In doing so, you want to remember certain tips. Keep reading to find out more about staying safe as NJ reopens its public parks. 

Attach Your Mask   

Female runner outside on trails wearing mask

Although parks and public places are re-opening and people are becoming more comfortable with going out it is still very important to continue to wear your mask. If you’re going for a walk or jog in the park, you can purchase a mask with a band attached to it, so you don’t lose it when you’re enjoying your stroll. They even have necklaces that attach to your mask so you can wear it around your neck when you’re not using it. This is a terrific way to make sure you don’t lose your mask when you’re enjoying activities. 

Call Ahead 

Female on her cell phone looking down at the ground

It’s a great idea to call ahead before going on an excursion in order to avoid peak hours where places and parking lots are very crowded. If you’re planning to go to the park you can check the park’s website to see if there are any additional requirements.

You can easily enjoy a lovely day out by going at times when people are less likely to be there. It’s best to avoid busy places and parking lots during this time. 

Sanitize Before The Fries 

Two people holding hand sanitizer and cleaning their hands

It is such a great feeling to be able to go to public places, like restaurants and parks, but it is important that you sanitize your hands and things you touch. As places reopen remember to bring sanitizer with you just in case a bathroom isn’t accessible. You want to make sure you are sanitizing before and after you eat to limit the amount of germs you’re touching. If you’re enjoying a nice day at the park, sanitizer wipes are great to bring with you so you can wipe down the park’s amenities before using them. 

Layer Up 

A girl in a light jacket looks over her shoulder with her bike

Layering your clothing is a wonderful way to stay safe during this time, especially as you go on excursions and enjoy the re-opening of many facilities. Wearing a zip-up or a jacket while you are out is a convenient way to make sure you can undress these items before going into your home. You can take off your zip-up and throw it right in the wash after you leave a park or restaurant. This is a fantastic way to remain sanitary and keep yourself safe. 

Looking for bite to eat after the park? We have your safety tips covered.