Local Info About Bergen County, NJ: Learn About Its History & More

Everything You Should Know About Bergen County, NJ

As one of the first counties formed in New Jersey, Bergen County has a prominent place in the state’s history. Many successful employers operate here, including the Hackensack University Medical Center, allowing the county to have one of the strongest economies in the state. And as the home county for the popular New York Giants football team, the area has managed to attract a number of visitors over the years.

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The History of Bergen County

Overhead Shot of the Palisades Near the Englewood Cliffs
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Bergen County was founded in 1683, and was one of the first four counties in New Jersey, alongside Essex, Middlesex, and Monmouth. Before European settlers arrived here, the region was inhabited by Native Americans; the Tappan, Hackensack, and Rumachenanck tribes in particular. The Dutch attempted to settle in the area, but were driven back by the natives.

Later, the European settlers moved in west of the Hudson River, and formed what would be known as Bergen Township in 1660. Following the Second Anglo-Dutch War, the Province of New Jersey was formed, and one of the settlements formed after was referred to as Bergen County. By 1683, the settlement was recognized as its own independent county.

Many notable battles took place here during the Revolutionary War, due to its position near the Palisades. The Battle of Fort Lee was among these key battles.

Info About Local Businesses & Other Notable Facts

Official Flag for the Ramapough Indian Tribe in Bergen County, NJ
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After Bergen County was established, Hackensack was named the county seat for the region. Bergen County’s economy has a strong focus on medical practice, since the Meridian University Medical Center is the region’s largest employer.

As of 2018, Bergen County is estimated to have a population of 936,692. With this large number of citizens, Bergen County is currently the most populated region in New Jersey. The median income per household in the area is estimated to be $91,572, a result of the county’s strong economy.

Here’s an interesting fact: the descendants of the county’s original Native American residents still live here! They live as part of the Ramapough Mountain Indian tribe, which was officially recognized in 1980.

Transportation Options

In regards to transportation, there are plenty of ways residents can get around. One example is New Jersey Transit, which offers a selection of bus and train lines across the state. You can use the Main-Bergen County line to get where you need to in a quick and reliable timeframe.

If you need to fly out of the state, you can head to one of the local airports, such as the Teterboro Airport found in New York. Commuters can get around quickly using the local roadways. These include:

  • New Jersey Turnpike
  • Garden State Parkway
  • Interstates 80 and 287
  • U.S. Highways 46, 202, 9 and 9W
  • NJ State Highways 4, 17, 3, 120 and 208

Adding to this, Bergen County’s Division of Community Transportation strives to offer safe and reliable transportation options for those with disabilities.

Bergen County School Information

Iviswold Castle, Located on the Campus of Felician University in New Jersey
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Bergen County is also home to an excellent school system. Several of the high schools, including Bergen County Academies, rank among the best schools in the entire state. On top of this, Upper Saddle River and Fair Lawn are also known for their high-ranking educational facilities.

Some of New Jersey’s best colleges can be found in this county. Some of them include the Fairleigh Dickinson University, the Felician University, and the Bergen Community College. With its well-received high schools and colleges, Bergen County is an excellent destination for people looking to get a good education.

Shops, Restaurants, & Other Points of Interest

Van Saun County Park Sign
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One of the highlights of Bergen County is the MetLife Stadium, the home of the New York Giants and Jets football teams. If you are a big fan of football, you will be right at home here. Bergen County is also known for its golf courses, including the Darlington Course near the Ramapo mountain rage. There are also a few archery ranges, such as Stark Archery in South Hackensack. Sports fans of all types can find a place to enjoy in this county.

Bergen County also houses a large park system. In fact, 9,000 acres of land have been dedicated to the national parks across the region. Van Saun Park is among the most popular, thanks to its biking path, tennis center, dog park, and train ride. The park also houses the Bergen County Zoo, which houses spider monkeys and many other interesting animals.

If you are looking to go out for a shopping day, Bergen County is home to a large selection of shopping centers. The Paramus Park Mall in particular offers a wide range of shops for citizens to check out. The county is also home to many great restaurants, with the establishments in East Rutherford being especially popular. In addition, Bergen County also host some of New Jersey’s best winter activities.

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