Handy Apartment Hunting Tips During Covid-19

There are many reasons to move and one reason is that it’s safe to do so during Covid. During the Covid-19 pandemic, there are many ways to safely find the apartment you’ve been looking for! Find the apartment of your dreams while staying safe with our top tips for apartment hunting during the pandemic.

Use Your Noggin’

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Use common sense when entering common places in an apartment complex. Social distancing in an apartment community is imperative to safely browsing apartments. It’s helpful to ensure you’re not the tenth person in the elevator. Don’t worry; the next one is coming! Pack some hand sanitizer to have on hand, always wear a mask and leave a respectable amount of space between you and others while apartment shopping.

Browse The Web

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Looking to rent an apartment, but are a bit cautious to go out? Research for apartments online! There are various virtual tours available, along with contact-less paperwork. Using the web is a great way to find an apartment to rent during quarantine! You can browse the web for the apartment of your dreams, all from the safety of your own home.

Schedule Ahead Of Time

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Schedule an appointment ahead of time to view apartments to ensure that you have a designated time to view apartments. Many online rental websites offer this feature. Garden Communities does! Utilize the scheduling option on the garden community’s webpage to help you book your spot. This will ensure that there is a limited amount of people present when you go to view the rental unit.

Safe Travels

NJ Transit trains and lots of tracks near Newark Airport Station in NJ
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When using NJ public transportation to view apartments, remember to give yourself enough room from others. Keep hand sanitizer on hand at all times and always be mindful of your proximity to other people. Make a conscious effort to sit a row or two away from others, travel during non-peak hours and follow social distancing signs and exit through the rear doors. In addition, remember to stay up to date with your commuter schedule to avoid crowded waiting areas.

Get Prepped

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Have all the documents you need already prepared to ensure you do not have to take multiple trips to the apartment complex. You can use an apartment rental printable checklist to help guide you. This is an easy and efficient tool to use when renting an apartment!

Put Your Trust In Us

View of apartment units at Green Meadows at Pleasant Plains
Green Meadows at Pleasant Plains

Every Garden Community is a safe and secure place, even during Covid-19. This luxury living community is consistently and efficiently putting you and your family’s health and safety as a top priority. Look no further if you’re looking for a rental community you can trust to call home!