Shop, Live & Love: Apartment Rental Communities that Go Above & Beyond

Are you looking for an apartment community that offers more than just a place to sleep, eat, and store your stuff? Renters today are looking for lifestyle communities (officially known as mixed-use communities), where they can shop, live, & love. These apartment communities are neither an apartment complex nor a retail center, it’s a community that provides convenienceluxury, social connection, and city vibes without the traffic and hours wasted driving in the car.  

What is a Mixed-Use Community 

Mixed-use developments are communities that combine residential and commercial spaces.  Traditionally, the commercial properties like cafes, restaurants, and shops are on the ground floor and the apartments are on the floors above. Today, these all-in-one-living communities are becoming quite popular because they are bringing back the “neighborhood” feel. We have developed our residential/commercial communities with a people-centered approach. 

The term mixed-use doesn’t seem to be the right word – our communities cater to discerning renters who are making a lifestyle choice. In today’s busy world, time is of the essence and our apartment communities provide renters with everything they need right outside their front door. Given the current climate, people are craving social connection more than ever and our communities have communal spaces where neighbors can get to know each other.  We’ve listed the wide range of benefits that come along with renting apartments in these all-in-one living residences.  

Social Connectivity & Sense of Community 

Riverfront at Cranford Station Exterior

It wasn’t until the Industrial Revolution that trade and industry were developed away from residential homes. In today’s world, we have global communication systems that can connect us to anyone around the world. People are craving connection and a sense of community. Our multi-use apartment communities offer more than just a place to live.  

Many of our residences have communal areas for business like conference rooms and a dedicated business center. Residents have opportunities to get to know their neighbors in the common lounge and some of our communities have places where residents can gather to celebrate, whether it be New Year’s Eve or the Fourth of July. The commercial spaces add to this sense of community by giving the residents other common areas to meet up – whether it be for a cup of coffee or a nice meal, and it is all within walking distance to their homes.  


Gazebo outside

Our all-in-one living apartment communities are preferred due to the fact that they combine residential, recreational, and commercial spaces all within walking distance. With so many people working from home, they want to stretch their legs and get out in the sunshine. People are taking their laptops to cafes, riding their bikes along the various trails, walking their kids to school, taking the train to the city for a day of shopping, etc. All of these things are possible in our mixed-use communities.  

Nowadays, the walk to work is from the bedroom to the living room or home office. However, if you do need to go into the office, all of our Garden Communities are based in areas to which public transportation is close – so if you are going to the city, it will be an easy commute. Save money on gas, get more exercise, no paying for parking in the city, and do your part in reducing emissions. In fact, you may not even need to own a car, as you can do all of your essential (and non-essential) shopping within our apartment communities. No insurance. No car payments. No headaches. 


Most of these mixed-use communities are more eco-friendly by default given the surge in walkability; fewer cars on the road means a lower carbon footprint. But not just that – most of our new communities come with EV Charging StationsNew buildings and future construction also mean more Energy-Star appliances and more energy-saving practices overall. There are recycling bins across the apartments and businesses, as well. It’s safe to say that renters prefer to live in a community that promotes eco-friendly choices.  

Support Local Businesses 

People sitting at a table outside

As we know, local businesses have taken a big hit during the pandemic. By patronizing the local businesses, you are giving the economy the boost it needs. The proximity and convenience increase foot traffic and encourage new clientele for local businesses. Residents and their visitors can walk right out of their front door and go to a restaurant, pick up their prescriptions from the local pharmacy, get a manicure/pedicure, pick up their pet’s food – without ever having to get in the car. You will not even have to go to the laundromat, as all of our apartments come with in-unit washers and dryers.  

The money you save on transportation can be used to treat yourself and your loved ones to something special from one of the local shops or restaurants. Some businesses may even provide discounts to residents who share the building. It’s nice to go into a restaurant and know the owners and the waitstaff, as well as the other patrons. These businesses appreciate a devoted customer base and the residents appreciate more personalized services – it’s a win-win for everyone.  T

Top Notch Management

The commercial tenants in these mixed-use communities will definitely keep the property in tip top shape to attract and retain their clientele. Property managers will be on top of their A-game given they need to work with the commercial clients as well to keep everyone happy. All Garden Communities in New Jersey come with 24-Hour Emergency Maintenance and many of the mixed-use communities come with a daytime concierge package service or a package room – which is one of those amenities that are on resident’s wish list this year.  

Luxury Living

Interior of an apartment

Last, but certainly not least, our residents get to live in the lap of luxury. You will enjoy our spacious apartments – from 925 square feet up to 1943 square feet, high ceilings, quartz or granite kitchen countertops, generous closet space, all of the kitchen appliances you require, and every apartment comes with its own in-unit washer and dryer. Select apartments have private balconies or patios, LVT or hardwood flooring, carpeted bedrooms, and secure key-less and audio/video entry.  

The community amenities at our residential/commercial properties may include state of the art fitness centersswimming pools, yoga rooms, landscaped amenity decks, playgrounds, clubhouses, package rooms, etc. Many Garden Communities in New Jersey are smoke-free and are pet-friendly, too! More and more people are moving beyond the idea of the 2-story house and picket fence. Younger generations are more interested in not having a mortgage or spending hours commuting to the city. Active, older adults are moving and appreciate having everything right outside their front door.  

Our Garden Community residents have chosen to have an all-in-one living experience. They consider it a quality-of-life choice and with our wide range of amenities. They enjoy a happier, healthier, active lifestyle. More importantly, they enjoy the whole neighborhood vibe and community experience that can be hard to find these days. Seeing familiar faces on a daily basis helps build a sense of community and allows you to feel like our apartment communities truly are home.  

If you are moving to New Jersey, or are deciding on moving to a new apartment in a new area- check the availability of one of our many mixed-use, all-in-one living communities in New Jersey.